Australia is a developed nation with one of the strongest economy and ranks second in the Human Development Index, worldwide.

Australia – Rising Nation in every aspect!

Be it quality of life, education, economic freedom or political rights, Australia has always managed to rank in top score. Australia has lot employment opportunities for various individuals with various skills. Any individual who gets a permanent residency in such a great nation is fortunate.

Procedure of applying for Australia PR visa

The procedure of applying for PR visa takes time according to the category, one has applied for. There is step by step process to apply for PR visa in Australia. After submitting all relevant documents and after deciding the visa category, one must submit an expression of interest (EOI) to Skill Select. The Skillset appraises the application of the applicant on the basis of the application and evaluates points on the basis of different parameters. If one’s application is selected, they will get invite to apply for the chosen visa. After that, one must send all the documents attached with the application sent by the authorities and wait for the visa.

Advantages of having PR status in Australia

Any permanent resident of Australia holds a permanent visa which makes it possible for the individual to live in Australia for life. The applicant can enjoy the unlimited amenities anywhere in Australia once an individual holds a status of PR. The validity of PR visa is for 5 years in the beginning. The applicant can enjoy the privilege to pursue the course of study according to their liking. Another major benefit of holding PR status is that the PR Status holder can also sponsor relatives, helping them to move to Australia and obtain the Permanent Resident status in the country.

Moreover, the PR status candidate is eligible to get various uniform savings advantages, i.e. unemployment and education benefits. The candidate also qualifies for Medicare and administration social insurance that gives free or sponsored medical services to the Australians. The PR status applicant can choose any place at any time for the purpose of education in Australia. The candidate can also utilize a couple student credits.

So, if you are planning to move to Australia and getting a chance to apply for PR visa, don’t miss it. Take professional advice from the best Australia immigration consultants in Delhi and become a permanent resident in Australia.

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This article summarizes the benefits an individual gain after getting PR visa of Australia. Individuals can take help from Australia immigration consultant for the same.