Imagine that you are about to send a very important text message to all of your work colleagues. You need to make sure that they all get this message, but you don't want to go in and manually type the message for each individual contact – that would take forever! There is a feature on most mobile phones called bulk text messaging where you can send one text message to some or all of your friends! No more manual messages, getting dozens of categorised responses, or being interrupted by incoming answers.

Bulk text messaging works the same way as emails when using the CC field for adding recipients. Whether it's sending out an invitation to a party, calling a conference at work, sending out an alert, or just sending a funny joke, bulk text messaging is the perfect feature to use for such an occasion – the possibilities are endless!

Being able to speak to a mass amount of people in just seconds is something that never would have been possible to do from a mobile phone just a few short years ago. Bulk sending was something that, until recently, could only have been done using email messages, whereas now we are able to do it from practically any device. Also, since almost everyone carries their mobile phone with them at all times, it is almost certain that you will get an immediate answer.

Whether you are on a college campus sending out a student-wide alert, a parent texting all of your child's friends, a boss sending a memo to your employees, or an organisation setting up a meeting, bulk text messaging is able to play a vital role in your life. If you have information you need to pass on, what are you waiting for. Use bulk text messaging!

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Priit is the marketing manager for TextMagic. He studied business management and marketing and has been involved in many web start-ups and IT companies. If you want to learn more about bulk text messaging , visit TextMagic today!