Curious to know what the benefits of Cellulaze Cellulite treatment are? Then, read on to find out. FDA cleared in January 2012, Cellulaze continues to receive a lot of media attention. These are just some of the examples of that attention:

  • Featured on
  • Featured on THE DOCTORS with Dr. Christine Petti
  • Coverage on the evening news on WCBS-TV and WABC-TV
  • Featured on NY1 news
  • A 2 page spread in the February 2012 issue of the popular Marie-Claire magazine
  • Billboard space in Times Square till the end of 2012

The Advantages of This Cellulite Laser Treatment

With so much of publicity to support it, this revolutionary new treatment can’t be without its advantages. For those who haven’t heard of it before, Cellulaze cellulite treatment is currently the sole minimally invasive laser technique to strike the very structure of cellulite beneath the skin. The advantages of this cellulite reduction procedure are described below:

  • More Effective Than Other Treatments – As already mentioned, it is the first treatment procedure to attack the structural causes of cellulite. Because it attacks the very root of the problem it is more effective than pills, lotions or creams. These remedies actually work only on the skin surface and therefore are not as effective.
  • The three structural problems that Cellulaze™ tackles with its SideLight™ 3D laser fiber and pulsed Nd:YAG 1440 nm wavelength are:

    • Connective tissue bands under the skin and around fat cells becoming inflexible and rigid
    • Fat pockets trapped by these inflexible bands pushing up against the skin
    • Thin skin which aggravates the way cellulite appears
  • Minimally Invasive and Minimal Scarring – The incisions for Cellulaze cellulite treatment are very small in size.
  • One Treatment Is All It Takes – A single treatment delivered by a competent plastic surgeon is all it takes to get long lasting results that progressively get better over a 3 to 12 month period.
  • Long-lasting Results – With respect to lotions, creams and pills, there is no such thing as long-lasting results with a single application or set of doses. Applications and doses have to be repeated to ensure the improved aesthetic outcomes remain as such. The results from a single Cellulaze cellulite treatment remain for one year at least.
  • No Need to Stay Back in the Hospital – The laser procedure is actually an outpatient one and can be performed either at a surgery center or in-office.
  • Safe – The ThermaGuide™ delivery system ensures that only the right amount of laser energy (neither too much nor too less) is delivered to your body. So you won’t get any hot spots.
  • Uniform Results - The ThermaGuide™ system also facilitates uniform contouring.
  • Stronger and Suppler Skin – The Cellulaze™ system has been found to increase both skin thickness and suppleness significantly.
  • A Fast and Smooth Recovery – Apart from some light bruising that they may or may not have, patients would be fine after the cosmetic surgery.
  • Size of Area is Not a Concern – There will be great cosmetic outcomes however big or small the treatment region on the thighs or buttocks may be.

Choose Wisely

So that was the answer to “what are the benefits of Cellulaze cellulite treatment?” If you would like the procedure to be performed on yourself, only go to a qualified plastic surgeon at an accredited plastic surgery center. Also make sure that the physician of your choice is one who has completed the full term of the CME accredited web-based course and also gone for other comprehensive training.

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Manhattan Plastic Surgeons - Cellulaze cellulite treatment helps reduce bumps and bulges on the thighs and buttocks that couldn't be reduced with traditional exercise routines.