Most businesses agree - the traditional, manual process of getting a contract signed can be quite a hassle. Imagine having to hand-deliver a contract so that it can be signed, only to find out that the person who needs to sign it isn't available; or the client still wants to peruse the document at leisure before signing, so you end up leaving empty-handed.

Another option is to fax the document, inform your client that it has been faxed, and then patiently wait for the client to sign it and fax it back. If your client doesn't have a fax machine, you can also use email - the client then has to print out the document, sign it, scan it, and then email it back to you. And if your client is busy, this process can take a couple of days - which can equal lost revenue for businesses.

Here's where electronic signatures such as EchoSign and DocuSign come in. More and more businesses are using these services to get their contracts signed faster and more conveniently. They simply remove a lot of the hassle involved in the manual process of signing contracts, which makes it a lot easier for employees to close more businesses.

You may ask, are electronic signatures legal? Yes, Bill Clinton signed the Federal E-SIGN Act into law back in October 1, 2000, making online electronic signatures in a commercial transaction equivalent to a personally signed or written signature. Both EchoSign and DocuSign are two of the most people electronic signature services out there available to people, and they are fully compliant with the E-SIGN Act, so you don't have to worry about using their services.

How exactly does the process work? First, you add your document to be signed, which can be in different formats such as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file, Microsoft Word file, Microsoft Excel file, and many others. Then you add the people who need to sign the document - it could be just one person or a number of people. These people are then sent an email alerting them of the document that they need to sign. Then they can simply type in their name or initials, or draw their name or initials, depending on their preference, accept the signature, and then you're sent an email that the client has signed. Simple, easy and hassle-free!

Truly, many businesses have found that using EchoSign or DocuSign has really increased their ROI - it has allowed them to stay ahead of their competition, saving them time and money so they can focus more on client-based activities and improving other aspects of their businesses such as customer service. Because these electronic signature sites provide such excellent services, businesses now find their contracts quickly signed so they can focus more on giving value to their clients.

Clients have also expressed a lot of satisfaction in using electronic signatures for contract signing. It removes a lot of hassle in having to print, scan, or fax documents. Clients even have the ability to sign a document using their smartphones, which is a really convenient feature.

Both EchoSign and DocuSign offer different plans and pricing that aren't too heavy on the pockets, especially with the value they're offering. You can even try the services for free to see if it works for you, though you may have limited access to all the features the site provides.

So, make sure that your business doesn't get left behind in the dust as your competitors utilize the most advanced technology that is offered today. Try using electronic signatures for the next set of contracts you want to have signed - you'll surely be pleasantly surprised at how easy and convenient these services are.

Both you, the sender, and the client, the signee, can access the documents that have been signed, for downloading or printing as needed, or simply having a copy of it saved and secure. Both EchoSign and DocuSign take a lot of steps to ensure that you and your data are protected with state-of-the-art security, so you can sleep without worrying.

But perhaps the best part about electronic signature services is the fact that they're so easy to use. They're easy to understand, you don't need to install or download anything, and everything is laid out in a clear-cut fashion so there's pretty much a very small chance of problems. Customers are always provided with consumer disclosures so they know that they are giving consent to transact business using electronic communications, so there aren't any problems later on.

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