What are the benefits of learning photographic memory?

Photographic Memory is a term that most people think only a few people in the world have. The general public believes only the geniuses have this gift. Around fifty percent of psychologists and psychologists in the world believe that the photographic memory does not exist. They are mistaken.

The eidetic memory is the Photographic Memory. It’s what you are born with; seeing, hearing, touching, and tasting. This is how you learn in the first 5 years of life. You use this intensely. This term is called The Photographic Memory which was an invented term, to replace the hard to remember eidetic memory. Eidetic memory is something you are born with. You never lose access to it until you go to school and are taught traditional reading. The Photographic Memory is a beautiful natural way of learning. But when we start to attend school, we are taught a different way. When you have a young child, you think, “My child is a genius child!”, because you’re the child is able to pick up information and learn so quickly.

Even today, things like Subliminal advertising takes advantage of your photographic memory without your knowledge, and make you do things that are not in your best interest. It eliminates your defenses, and programs your brain to do what advertising wants you to do.
I will teach you how to gain access to your photographic memory again, and take control of your mind, by teaching you the Holy Grail of brain development – Mental Photography. It is up to you. You can utilize my strategies through my course on ZOXpro.com.

I Teach people to use Mental Photography. Through my methods I can teach you to Mentally Photograph to 25,000 to 50,000 words per minute, at 100% retention for life. Average readers can only 250 words per minute and retain only 5 percent of the material. People cram for tests because reading does not provide the ability to know the information for studying. This is why testing is so stressful. Mental photography, using your Photographic Memory, helps you retain information much easier.

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Dr. Panzo is the Genuine Successor, and the only personally authorized teacher to carry on the work, of Master Richard Welch, PhD, the “Father of Mental Photography”

Dr. Shannon Panzo is an expert of Mental Photography, Photographic Memory, and the practical functions and applications of the brain, and how to make your brain work better for you to achieve a better life. More of a Mentor than a Coach, for over 30 years he has taught people how to access the higher uses of their mind, and endeavours to help people to gain and maintain their lives in a positive way.