Minimally Invasive Procedure:

As compared to PRK and LASIK surgery, the SMILE is less invasive. During the LASIK surgery, a corneal flap of 20 mm is created while in PRK, an incision of 8-mm is created. In the SMILE, the vision is corrected by creating only a 3 mm incision.

No formation of flap:
Although LASIK surgery is a highly safe procedure complication may arise in a few patients because of the flap creation. SMILE does not cause flap formation and thus, is safer, as compared to LASIK.

Odorless Procedure:
Due to the corneal ablations in LASIK surgery through excimer laser, the patient may smell an odor. As SMILE does not use an excimer laser, the procedure is completely free from the odor.

Fast recovery:
As the SMILE procedure is minimally invasive, the patient may recover fast and the vision is enhanced within a day after surgery. The results of the SMILE procedure are like that of LASIK surgery.

Fewer complications:
The patients undergoing SMILE procedure have fewer chances of complications as compared to LASIK surgery. There is less risk of halos or glare complications and have less incidence of dry eye syndrome

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The SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Procedure Is The Latest Advancement In Laser Eye Surgery At Bajaj Eye Care Centre In Delhi. It's a US-FDA approved technology for specs removal by laser eye surgery in delhi.