Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that affects millions of women around the world each year. As per statistics, more than a million women in India alone develop breast cancer in a year. Breast cancer treatment in India is a growing form of treatment with affordable cost and quality.

For women who develop any of the symptoms of breast cancer, further diagnosis and treatment must happen. India houses some of the best hospitals for breast cancer treatment in the world. These hospitals offer state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostic facilities, which includes the use of high-end and the latest technology.

The reasonable mammogram cost and breast cancer treatment cost charged by the hospitals for breast cancer treatment makes patients come to India for medical treatment. The breast cancer surgery cost in India is just one-fifth of what it costs in other countries, especially the UK, US, UAE, Russia, and Singapore.

The top breast cancer treatment hospitals are located in all major cities in India. These include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Goa, Hyderabad, and Chandigarh. These cities are well-connected with the rest of the world mostly through direct flights. Each of these cities has an international airport that has collaborated with almost all major flight operators.

Best Hospitals For Breast Cancer Treatment in India

The top hospitals for breast cancer treatment in India are renowned all around the world for offering world-class treatment facilities at an affordable cost. India has carved a name for itself for charging minimal breast cancer treatment cost in lieu of highest quality of medical services.

The best breast cancer treatment hospitals in India are equipped with the latest technology and modern equipment used to provide high-end treatment to the patients. The methods and techniques used by the doctors at breast cancer treatment hospitals help treat patients suffering from all breast cancer stages.

Some of the most popular hospitals for breast cancer treatment in India include the following:

1.Max Healthcare, New Delhibreast cancer treatment in india-medigence
This is one of the most recommended hospitals for breast cancer treatment, especially for medical tourists. This hospital has been there for many years and treats thousands of cancer patients each year. Apart from breast cancer, the hospital provides treatment for other forms of cancer, including gastric cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer, and head and neck cancer.

This leading hospital for breast cancer treatment avails several facilities to medical tourists. Free translator, money exchanger, around the clock assistance, visa services, and multi-cuisine food are some of the facilities that Max Healthcare offers.

2. Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabadbreast cancer treatment in india - medigence
Akshay Apollo is not only one of the best hospitals in Ahmedabad but also a prestigious name all across the country for its comprehensive cancer centre. The Oncology Centre of Excellence has a full fledged team for prevention diagnosis, holistic treatment, education and awareness and valuable research wing for Cancer. A team of radiation, surgical and medical experts comprises this wing.

Relatively new, Ahmedabad Apollo Hospitals was only founded in 2003 May, but it has developed a full fledged multi specialty quaternary care hospital in a very small period of time carving its own niche. It has track record of handling 10,000 patients annually and the only hospital in the state of Gujarat with the facility of a 1.5 Tesla MRI scan. It is a large corporate hospital conducting regular transplants of cell and bone marrow. It has track record of achieving 90% success rate in performing critical oncology surgery with great precision.

3.Fortis Hospital , Bangalorebreast cancer treatment in india - medigence
Among hospitals in Bangalore one of the leading healthcare delivery providers is Fortis Bangalore. It has secured number 2 position in terms of being equipped with the latest technology and being one of the most advanced hospitals in the world. Their 24×7 emergency services and pharmacy services enfold their customers with a sense of security that the duty of health care is now in trusted hands. Not only some of the best doctors and surgeons man the hospital but there are numerous talented visiting consultants who work with Fortis hospital in Bangalore to practice the norms of a third party check up and opinion.

4.Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhibreast cancer treatment in india apollo-medigence
This hospital located in the heart of New Delhi is a reputed multi-specialty tertiary acute care hospital. The hospital has been there for many decades and is known for providing high-end care to patients from almost all specialties. The breast cancer surgery cost may seem a bit high at Apollo as compared to other hospitals, but the patient can stay rest assured about the quality of treatment that they would receive.

5.Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaonbreast cancer treatment in india - medanta-medigence
It is one of the largest hospitals in India. Located in the heart of Gurgaon, Medanta The Medicity was founded by the top cardiologist in India, Dr. Naresha Trehan. The hospital and its staff cater to the needs of thousands of people every day. Patients suffering from breast cancer and other forms of cancer can trust this hospital blindly when it comes to the quality of services and medical treatment.

Additional Services Provided By Hospitals For Breast Cancer Treatment
In addition to affordable breast cancer surgery cost in India, there are several other reasons why patients prefer to come to India. The best hospitals for breast cancer treatment in India not only offer affordable treatment but a plethora of other services as well. Patients traveling from the overseas can remain assured of availing these services at no extra cost.

Some of the facilities availed by the breast cancer treatment hospitals in India include the following:

Availability of best doctors
The top breast cancer treatment hospitals have collaborated themselves with some of the finest and the most qualified oncologists in the country. In case the doctor in charge feels that there is a need for an expert surgeon from abroad to look into a complicated case, the hospital collaborates with them for advice. The hospitals offers all these services at no additional cost apart from the breast cancer treatment cost.

Many visits
The hospital for breast cancer treatment in India also allows for multiple doctor visits. That is, you can visit the doctor as many times as you wish. As a result, you have an option to attain full satisfaction with the course of treatment. The breast cancer surgeons associated with these hospitals are also willing to help patients know more about their condition. They deal with all their questions in the most polite and professional way.

Attractive packages
Most hospitals for breast cancer treatment in India offer attractive and cost-effective packages to patients. Such packages include the breast cancer surgery cost in India, lodging, boarding, and local travel cost. It also accounts for other miscellaneous services such as the internet, money exchange, visa assistance, and appointment booking. By opting for such a package, a patient can seek treatment in a hassle-free manner. In addition, they can still save a large amount of money.

Insurance acceptance
The breast cancer surgery cost is one of the lowest in the world. But still, patients may need to claim their insurance providers for additional benefits. The best hospitals make complete arrangements for patients to make insurance claims and pay the breast cancer treatment cost with ease.

Breast Cancer Treatment Options
The top hospitals for breast cancer treatment in India offer different options used to treat patients with breast cancer. The three most popular breast cancer treatment options conducted by these hospitals include the following:

Radiation Therapy
Breast cancer patients may receive radiation before the surgery to shrink the size of the tumor. In some cases, radiation is administered after the surgical removal of the tumor to kill the remaining cancer cells. Radiation therapy involves exposing the targeted breast tissue of the patient to high-energy X-ray. This helps kill the cancer cells. A special doctor called a radiation oncologist delivers radiation treatment. Radiation after surgery decreases risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Breast Cancer Treatment Surgery
The surgeons may decide to conduct surgery to remove the tumor and the surrounding tissue. This leads to partial or complete removal of the breast tissue, a procedure known as mastectomy. The doctors may also conduct the surgery to remove the nearby lymph nodes. Most probably, the cancer may have spread.

This type of treatment involves the use of specific drugs to kill off cancer cells. It is a type of systemic therapy in which the drugs reach the targeted location through blood. Some healthy cells may also die off during the treatment due to chemotherapy drug exposure. This is the reason why recovery after chemotherapy may take some time.

Hence, India remains one of the most preferred breast cancer treatment in India destination.

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