When buying toys, in addition to considering their playful aspect, we also have to bear in mind that they can be used for children to learn, and to introduce our little ones to the world of science.

We are going to tell you which are the best science games for children according to the hyperlinked youtube channel named "David and Adele". This YouTube channel is an example of the perfect scientific toys to learn while playing.

What are STEM toys and games?

Maybe the term STEM sounds like you in English: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics… Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

It has become very fashionable due to the changes that are coming in terms of the jobs of the future: it is increasingly important to teach our children to think for themselves, to have imagination and to know how to solve problems.

Remember: the important thing is that your children play with other children, make their own decisions and reflect on the steps they are taking. Better to steer them in this direction than to spend all day in front of a computer screen.

That said, you don't need to burden them too much. They just have to play and be creative, and these kinds of science toys and games are perfect for that. That is why we have recommended you a few options that we find very interesting.

If you want to go a little deeper into the subject, we have prepared another entry with technological games.
What are the best science toys for children?
We have chosen a few science games, but we especially like two of them that we discussed first.

1.-Ravensburger GraviTrax Starter Set

This is the perfect set of marbles and magnetic pieces. The toy we all wanted when we were little. It is composed of 125 components and you can assemble circuits of all kinds.

It is specially designed for boys and girls from 8 years of age. It will help improve your creative, logical and engineering skills. It's a good way to explain what gravity or kinetic energy is.

2.-Bits & Bytes, the coding game for children

The perfect STEM toy for boys and girls ages 4-9. It is a very simple card game that will help you think like a programmer would.

We have some very funny characters in cards that we have to help make decisions through orders. All obstacles must be avoided.

A game that will encourage cooperation among the little ones. It will seem to us that with the help of others many more things are achieved.

3.-Science4you-Game «my First Science Kit» with 26 experiments
One of the most complete scientific toys of all since it has 26 experiments and two educational books with 36 pages.

The child will learn, among other things, how to create the colors of the rainbow with the 3 primary colors, how to make giant soap bubbles, how to plant a colorful garden, how to write crystalline messages or how to make a crazy dough. From 4 years of age.

4.-Science and Game - The great chemistry laboratory

Kit with 180 simple and safe experiments. All activities are correctly explained and described so that there is no doubt about how to do them.

From 8 years of age. Its price is quite affordable. Chemical sciences have always caught our attention, especially when we were children.

5.-Oregon Scientific SA218 Interactive Human Body

An educational game to learn anatomy interactively with 20 different activities and 5 game modes. It has 16 reversible magnetic pieces to learn the circulatory, nervous, digestive, respiratory, muscular systems, and the functioning of the different organs.
From 5 years of age. For future doctors and nurses.

6.-Melissa & Doug - Abacus (10493)

The typical abacus of a lifetime with wooden balls to learn to count. It comes with 8 additional activities. Promotes counting skills, color recognition, fine motor skills, and early math skills.
From 3 years of age. Good science, like that of yesteryear.

7.-Janod - Easel slate

58 x 65 x 126 cm blackboard with adjustable legs to place it at the height of your child. Includes bottom tray, magnets and dry erase pen.

It is a magnetic white board. From 3 years of age. What self-respecting scientist doesn't have a blackboard on which to write formulas and draw diagrams?

8.-Goula - Clock and calendar in English

A clock and calendar in English that will help you recognize the seasons, the weather, and the days of the week or hours. From 3 years of age.

Perfect for young children to learn the basics and begin to show an interest in science and its applications.

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