It is common sense that drinking and driving never end up good. According to CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are more than 300 thousand incidents of people driving under the influence of alcohol daily. These statistics are quite alarming.

Do you know what is more alarming?

The fact that the majority of the people who are driving under the influence usually do not get arrested.

And if they do, it is more likely not their first incident of drunk driving. It is just that the intoxicated drivers got caught the first time and are being charged for DUI. According to a study, a drunk driver escapes the law at least 80 times before their first DUI charge. That being said, it is understandable that the risks associated with drunk driving are high. However, some solutions help in avoiding getting charged with DUI.

Read on to learn more about some essential tips that will help you to avoid drunk-driving.

What exactly is Drunk-Driving?

Did you hear about drunk-texting? It is what it sounds like: the act of sending someone text messages while being in a drunken state. Often, these text messages are embarrassing and cause guilt afterward. Let us talk about drunk-driving. Drinking and driving can cause your arrest with a penalty to follow.

States might differ in what they call it; some refer to it as impaired driving, drunk driving, and even intoxicated driving. Nonetheless, each state has a set standard for measuring the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to determine whether the suspect is in a drunken state or not. Usually, the baseline for BAC is that of 0.08%. If you are underage and caught driving while being drunk, you are more likely to face zero-tolerance while being charged with a DUI offense. The consequent penalties and fines differ from state to state.

What are the Possible Consequences?

When you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, you put your life and others' lives at risk. This is due to the compromising state of your cognitive ability. Drinking impacts cognitive ability and hence increases the risk of an accident. The sad fact is that at least 28 people pay with their lives every day due to drunk-driving.

Suppose you are under the influence of alcohol and get caught driving a vehicle. You will face legal, personal, professional, and financial consequences. The possible consequences are as follows:

Suspension of your License: the duration of such a suspension can vary. It might be for a couple of weeks, months, and even up to a year. If this is not your first DUI charge and you have been convicted more than once, your license will be revoked. Suppose your license is a CDL (commercial driver’s license). In that case, you are more likely to have your driving license suspended for a more extended period. Not to mention the fact that your employment career will be impacted by the negative as well.

Possible Incarceration: depending on which state you reside in, you might have to spend some time in jail. Even if this is your first time getting charged with DUI, some states have made jail time mandatory. This mandatory jail time comes as an addition to the fees that you will have to pay. Not to mention that a single DUI charge can cost you your career, car, and money. For many, getting charged with DUI also leads to the loss of their employment and job restrictions. This is specifically true if one is charged with DUI while operating the vehicle of their company.

Installation of Ignition Interlock Device: again, the punishments depend on the region and state you are in. It also depends on the circumstances and possible damages that came out of the crime of drunk-driving. There are chances that you might be required to install the ignition interlock device specific for the detection of alcohol. In the case of alcohol detection, the ignition interlock device will prevent the car from moving. This is also an effective way to avoid accidents.

Flux in Insurance Rate: last but not least, getting charged with DUI might lead to an increase in a higher insurance rate. This means that the insurance company can also deny you from getting paid for an injury that resulted from the possible accident. That being said, it is never a good idea to indulge in drunk-driving since it can take a severe toll on your life, health, and money. It is better to stay safe than sorry.

How do Drunk Drivers Get Detected?

Police officials and law enforcement detect various signs that are connected with drinking and driving. Suppose you want to avoid dangerous situations that are associated with drunk-driving. In that case, you should watch out for the following signs:

1. People under the influence of alcohol take sweeping turns with their vehicles.

2. Intoxicated drivers straddle with their cars in the centerline of the street. Or they tend to drift, swerve, and drive in wavering motions.

3. Since they are intoxicated, they almost collide with other cars or objects, such as street signs or trees.

4. People who drive under the influence of alcohol might also bring their cars to abrupt halts. They are also prone to make an erratic use of brakes. In the case of traffic signals, intoxicated drivers usually indicate a slower response.

5. People who are under the influence of alcohol and driving a car usually take illegal turns. They might also turn abruptly without taking the traffic and pedestrians into consideration.

6. Last but not least, intoxicated people often forget to turn on their cars' headlights after it is dark.

How to Avoid or Stop Drunk-Driving Altogether?

The first rule is to make good life choices. Here are some essential solutions that will help you to control and stop drinking and driving:

1. Every time you get drunk, make sure that your driver is sober. You need to choose a sober person to drive you home safe and sound.

2. If you have your own car and decide to go out alone, avoid drinking alcohol. You might go for soft drinks or other non-alcoholic beverages. Care for your own safety. Socializing does not necessarily call for getting drunk.

3. That being said, it is essential to stand one’s ground. Never fall prey to peer-pressure for consuming alcohol. Even if you plan to have some alcohol, make sure to eat food and drink plenty of water.

4. If you happen to be invited to a social gathering where alcohol consumption cannot be avoided. You ought to ensure that you take a taxi or share a ride with someone sober while you are on your way back home. Absolutely refrain from getting into the car with someone who is under the influence of alcohol. Also, refuse a ride back home from a driver who you know has been drinking.

5. Last but not least, keep an eye to watch out on your friends and fellow beings as well. For instance, you can take the keys from someone who is clearly drunk but still drive their car. This simple act of kindness can save the lives of many, including the driver. They may get aggressive and be mad at you, but the alternatives are much worse. They will be thankful later.

How can a DUI charge impact your Mental Health?

Facing a DUI arrest is stressful. This is especially true if this is your first DUI. Not to mention the impact of the possible consequences of such a conviction. A DUI conviction might cause problems with finding employment. It can also impact one’s relationship with friends and family. In the case of license suspension, the performance of daily tasks can become a significant challenge. This is specifically true if you use your vehicle daily to get to school or your workplace.

According to statistics, the majority of arrested people for DUI are first-time offenders. These are those people who have never been in trouble with law enforcement before. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine the mental stress with their first conviction ever. It is not a secret anymore that the consequences of a DUI arrest are severe. These can be quite scary for those who have never faced an arrest before. The mere possibility of serving jail time and financial penalties and the suspension of driver license suffice to drain someone mentally.

Who can help you to cope with the Stress of a DUI arrest?

The answer to this question is simple: a DUI lawyer can help you deal with such mental stress, the after-effect of the DUI arrest. For instance, the Orange County DUI lawyer can help you understand the various aspects of the charges. Since such an attorney is a professional familiar with the complexities of DUI laws, they will guide you through the process. This will assist you in overcoming the stress and moving on to a solution. Therefore, whenever you face a DUI charge, it is recommended to stay calm and seek an experienced DUI lawyer straight away.

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