For many individuals, having $1000 is a prime step towards entering the world of investments. Although you’d think you need a much more significant amount of money to do that, it’s good for the first time. At the same time, finding a way to invest the money is not that easy, and you’re left listing all these various ways without concluding.

So, how to invest 1000 dollars instead of investing $100? Read on, and the paragraphs below will tell you about the best way to invest money.

Getting Started – How to Invest 1000 Dollars?

Getting started is always the hardest step out of them all because you don’t know what to do and how to get the best of your investment. Still, with some guidance, investing money for beginners shouldn’t be a problem. So, here are some questions people ask upon investing their cash:

How Do I Start Investing with Little Money?

When you have little savings, investing doesn’t seem like the best option. Nevertheless, even investing smaller amounts can be very rewarding if you do it the right way.

There are a lot of people who don’t want to invest because they don’t have vast amounts of cash. And you’re probably thinking the same: how to invest money if I only have a few dollars in my account?

You would be surprised to find out that even as little as $50 can be invested monthly, and you may still be able to reap the benefits after some time. Here are some ways through which you can start investing when your wallet is crying for help:

Retirement Plan

Everyone will retire at one point, but just thinking about what you’re going to do once that happens makes you go crazy. Thankfully, you can set up your retirement plan, and the only requirement is to have an income. The most popular retirement plans known by most people are IRA and Roth IRA.

They work like an employer-sponsored retirement plan, as the returns on investment are tax-deferred until you start withdrawing the money once you retire.

Lending Club

As the name suggests, this is a place where investors/lenders give money to one another. In other words, it’s an online p2p lending platform where people in need of money come to borrow. Those who invest are always rewarded for their investment, which makes it even more convenient.

You can start by investing small amounts of money, even like $25 or $50 in a single loan. However, there are also limitations. There are states that have minimum net worth requirements. As such, it is possible to invest tiny amounts of cash, but you need to show a good asset base if you want to take part in it.

Bank Investments

Bank investments represent one of the options that work pretty well when it comes to investing little money. Before you do this, you need to be aware of the fact that you won’t earn a lot. Still, there’s the benefit that you can invest small amounts while making some interest on your money with no risk of principal loss.

You may not have a lot of fun with this type of investment, but it’s a great way to start. At the same time, it is safe, and you have the certainty that you will earn something without losing.

Funded Trading Accounts

For approximately $100, people can participate in trading challenges. Those who prove that they are successful by investing and trading the financial markets, gain access to a funded trading account provided by another company.

The benefit is that no money is needed to open an account, and up to 80% of profits remain to the trader. This is an exciting way to invest 1/10 of $1,000 to get access to trading accounts from $25,000 and higher. A full list of all funded trading account programs can be found here.

In the best case, you trade a $100,000 account and keep 80% of profits in exchange for investing about $100 for a month.

However, this is only suitable for people willing to trade based on a strict plan with clear rules.


One thousand dollars is not so much when you think about investing, but it’s an excellent way to lay the ground for what is to come in the future. So, if one of your burning questions was “can I earn quick money through investing?”, now you know the answer, and you can choose one of the methods above to invest your $1000.

That being said, we hope that this article was of help and that it will not be long until you see a return on your investment.

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