What is Python Programming?
Python may be a high-level, interpreted, and general-purpose dynamic programing language . It focuses on code readability. The syntax in Python helps the programmers to try to to coding in fewer steps. it's a comprehensive and enormous standard library.

Why Python is that the most famous Programming language?
In this digital era, there's an enormous opportunity in programming (software development, Web development, etc). And if you select Python as a programing language to start out your programming career then you're getting to get opportunities better than the others who are learning the other programing language . Python is one among the foremost famous programming languages of the present time. Python programming langue is employed for various purposes like Web Design & Development, Game Development, GUI Based Desktop Applications Development, Machine Learning, AI , Enterprise, and business applications Development, Operating systems Development, Language development, Software Development, etc.

There are many reasons for python’s popularity. it's incredibly easy to find out and use. it's simplified syntax with a stress on tongue . Python features a short learning curve compared to other similar purpose languages. it's become a general-purpose programing language and may be used for nearly all types of programming needs from creating sites to AI .

Which companies use Python Languages?
India and therefore the world’s all popular software and tech companies are using python. they're using Python in developing their products or services.

Some famous companies that are using python programing language are-

Python programmers are in high demand from small to big tech companies. Learning python gives you a foothold within the programming field. There are various sorts of jobs available to an individual who is trained in Python.

What are the Famous Job profiles in Python?
These are the work profiles in Python:-

Software Developer/ Engineer: A PythonSoftware Engineer uses python programing language or code to make computer programs.

Python Developer: A Python developer is that the commonest job for somebody who knows the Python programing language . A python developer generally designs and develops an internet site , games portal, manages servers, optimizes data algorithms, creates online tools, etc.

Research Analyst: a search analyst may be a specialist liable for studying, evaluating, interpreting and presenting data associated with markets, operations, finance, customers, etc.

Data Analyst: Data analysts collect, organize, and interpret statistical information to form data useful for businesses. By recognizing different facts and patterns, the meaningful results they get from the data allow their businesses or customers to form significant decisions.

Data Scientist: Data scientists are analytical experts who utilize their skills to seek out key insights and trends from data. they convey their findings that help in planning and shaping business for the longer term .

Educator: If you recognize python you'll help others by teaching them online or face to face. School College and University have added python in their courses. you'll get the chance to show there too

What salary package does a Python programmer get?
Getting employment as a Python programmer is extremely easy as compared to the opposite programing language professionals. a mean salary of a Python developer with 2 to 4 years experience in India is approx INR 5-6 lakhs. Since Python may be a general-purpose language Job, it's also stable regardless of fast-growing technology changes. The annual growth in salary is additionally high.

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