Moving is never an easy task and especially when it is a long distance move. Moving across the country needs more effort, time and money. Most people move across the country for a new job or business or to attend a new college or any other reason. Whatever may be the reason, one thing that matters the most during the move is money. Making a moving budget and hiring cheap long distance moving companies is one of the major tasks.

The final cost of moving depends upon the total weight of the shipment but still, it is possible to move across the country without breaking the bank. By following some Moving tips and keeping a few things in mind moving can be money saving and stress free. Here are some of the cheapest way to move across country.

Minimize the Load: Weight of your belongings decide how much the mover will charge. It is advised to get rid of unwanted things before moving so that the load of the shipment can be minimized and so does the moving cost. One may sell some heavy furniture or electronic appliances which are not in use or you think those are not worth moving in your new home. Just by getting rid of the clutter you can move in a cheaper way.

Move Before the Season: Moving is more expensive during peak season as movers charge more during that time. Summer is the season when most people move and movers are in high demand. Moving before the peak season on a weekday or in the middle of the month is much cheaper as there is less competition for the movers during that time.

Hire The Cheap but Professional Movers: It is advised to ask for long distance moving quotes from various moving companies. One should decide on a mover after comparing an in-house survey and select the best out of at least 3-5 moving companies. To hire the best and to avoid being scammed by the movers, one should avoid low-ball estimates until you do a background check on the moving company history, ratings and reviews.

Look Out for Free Moving Supplies and Self Pack: Packing contributes a major chunk in the entire moving cost and to reduce it, one can seek out moving boxes, newspapers and bubble wrap from nearby retail outlets and community groups. Some of the places to look for free moving supplies include: bookstores, recycling drop off points, grocery stores, friends and neighbors or lastly you can anytime order online. To save some of the dollars you can opt for self-packing of your personal belongings and other small and medium size households that you think you can pack easily without damaging items or yourself.

Hire a Moving Container: Hiring a portable moving container is one of the cheapest ways to move across the country. Benefit of hiring is you get plenty of space to store your goods for moving. All that you need to do is pack and load your belongings in the container, the rest of the job is done by the container company. The cost of moving depends upon the length of time and the size of the container you hire.

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