Gear is one of the highly used components while driving a car, especially if you are driving through heavy traffic or hilly region. Because, at such places you have to drive your vehicle according to the traffic conditions, this indirectly impacts the working efficiency of the gearbox installed in your car due to its regular wear and tear. And therefore, as the time passes there is a decline in its working efficiency, and if you do not pay attention towards it, there are chances that one day the gearbox of your car fail, thus putting you in a trouble.
In-fact, there cannot be anything worst then, if you face the problem of gearbox failure at the place where it is not possible to even locate a car technician to detect and rectify the problem. So, now the question arises that what are the problems that could impact the working of the gearbox and how you can detect them to avoid any inconvenience. Well, an answer to this question in simple words is that you need to be a smart driver to exactly find those problems because the problems with gearbox do not happen immediately, but gradually.
Some of the common problems that faced by most of the motorists are referred below:
1. Decline in the acceleration: The most common problem that you will notice with the gearbox of your car is a decline in the speed of your car in accordance to the throttle. This can be noticed at the time of shifting gears and leaving the clutch pedal. If your car is not able to pick the required acceleration after changing the gear in less than a second, it is a matter of concern for you. Ignoring this problem can be harmful for you. This is mainly because of a defective clutch system, due to which it is not able to perform accordingly. As a result of this there is additional pressure on the wheels, thus damaging the components like clutch plate, springs, master cylinder, etc.
2. Shaking of car: If you notice that your car shakes or grinding noise while changing the gears, then again it is an indication that there is a problem in the gearbox and which needs to be rectified at the earliest. If you notice this problem on the regular basis, then it is definitely due to defective clutch pedal and plates. Ignoring this problem for the long time can damage the gearbox of your car badly and you will be required to get it replaced by any of the expert gearbox replacement centre in Birmingham or any gearbox replacement centre around you.
3. Slipping of Gearbox: This problem however, pertains only in the car’s with the manual gearbox system and not found in the car with an automatic transmission system. If there is any defect in the gearbox system, then the gear will shift back to the previous position as soon as you move your feet from the clutch pedal. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the dangerous situations, which can even put your life in danger. For instance, if you are trying to overtake any vehicle by taking your car at high gear, and then suddenly it shifts back to the previous gear, as soon you accelerate the speed. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to visit the technician without ignoring it. Along with this, there are also chances that you are not even able to change the gear, despite of accelerating your car. Doing this is enough to damage the whole unit of the gearbox and stop you from driving.

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Besides, these problems, the problems like the burning smell, split of fluid below the car, etc, are some other indications which indicate that the gearbox of your car can fail at any moment and create a big problem for you.