Cost plays a very crucial role in considering or even adopting a cable management system like even a cable tray or a conduit. For any given project, the cost and feature of a product should be carefully evaluated prior to the selection of a system that best fits the industry requirement. This should typically include the relative cost, dependability, future changes, maintenance, safety, and space savings. Depending on the features and reasonable pricing one may determine the feasibility of a system for their industry. In today’s article, we have covered information on cable tray systems and the cost benefits involved in using a cable tray system as cable management equipment.
Cost benefits of cable tray systems
Design Cost- The design of a cable management system is crucial at any given point in time in a project. More than often, the designs vary from what was earlier defined at the initial phase of design. As a project progresses through the phase, the operating logic and safety requirements tend to refine the overall design. The alterations and additions as per requirements change the overall blueprint and, the cost time consumed for implementing them during the engineering and drafting design phases. However, with cable tray systems it is a lot easier. Cable trays are uniquely designed and feature that allows a cable to enter or exit a cable tray anywhere along the cable tray’s route facilitating easy accommodation of cable additions. But that isn’t the case with its equivalent conduit system or raceway wiring system. With conduit systems, any additions or revisions will require the engineers to provide exit and/or entry points in the conduit runs for additions made at the later phase of design. Cable tray systems are designed simple and will require less or few alterations in case of a design change. Overall the cable tray wiring systems require less design time than what is required for a conduit system.
Material Procurement cost- The cost of the cable tray, its supports, and miscellaneous together may facilitate an overall 80% of material cost saving compared to the conduit system. With cable tray systems there would be lesser additional components required that saves your overall cost. For instance, in the case of a feeder or branch circuit wherein an installation may involve parallel phase conductors, there is a huge benefit with a cable tray system for it facilitates copper cost savings in this wiring system.
Installation Cost - The installation of a cable tray wiring system is very simple. It barely requires skilled labours to get them installed as compared to its equivalent conduit wiring system. Here there is a huge cost saving with not much labour required for the installation process. In a conduit system, several individual components need to be assembled for final installation which makes the overall process cumbersome. This will require huge manpower requirements and an overall increased amount of time and money invested in installation. Besides cable tray systems are quicker to install for their well-designed features. Moreover, with the Conduit systems, the materials and installation practices are a lot more complex and expensive. Conduit systems normally require more supports which makes the entire process labour-intensive practice and a costly affair. For these reasons, cable tray installation labour costs are significantly lower than that of conduit system installation.
Maintenance Cost - Cable tray systems are robust and sturdy equipment that requires bare minimum or no maintenance. They are designed moisture and corrosion resistant which prevents any damage to the system in general even if installed or exposed to any harsh environment. Besides their design which eliminates the need for alteration, prevents damage to the system when adding additions to the systems. Overall, the cable tray systems offer dependability and safety benefits over conduit wiring systems.

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