Pharmacy is one of the oldest and noblest profession. Pharmacy is the word which has been derived from the Greek word 'pharmacon' which means poison or medicine. Pharmaceutical science has been in practice for thousands of years; it is a unique profession and also very vital for the subsistence of the human beings as it involves the mixture of chemical science with health sciences. Pharmacy determines the effective and safe use of drugs/medicines which are used for the treatment of different illness. There are wide extensions in the drug store for the experts who do the aggravating just as the allotment of different medications, proficient practices in pharmaceuticals which are identified with the patient consideration in emergency clinics, the assessment of the effectiveness of the use of the medications and the investigation identified with the arrangement of medication data. The rate at which pharmacy is being built up everywhere throughout the world, the field is calling to have experienced jumps of improvement and progression. The study of pharmacy or pharmaceutical science has been distributed into a total of 5 different branches or categories, and each of them has a distinctive field of practice. Popular B Pharma colleges in Dehradun offer these (one or more) as specializations under the Bachelor in Pharmacy degree.

The five branches of Pharmacy are as follows:

Pharmaceutics is one among the branches in Pharmacy which manages the way toward considering the procedure of making of another compound and its transformation into a medication which can be securely administered to a patient so as to treat their disease successfully. The part of Pharmaceutics not just arrangements with the production of new medication mixes yet, in addition, does research to form old medications into new types of measurements. Above all, Pharmaceutics can be defined as the production of a final drug product from pure compounds to help patients cope with their illness and diseases. There are various different subbranches of Pharmaceutics involve -
• Pharmaceutical Formulation
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
• Dispensing Pharmacy
• Physical Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Sciences doesn't always deal with the use of the synthetic drug but also deals with organic medical drugs. The Pharmacognosy helps in understanding this therapeutic and natural piece of the medication making process. It very well may be said as the investigation of therapeutic medications which has been gotten from plants, creatures or other common sources. The investigation of Pharmacognosy includes the instructing of substance, physical, biochemical just as organic properties of the medications. It also deals with the natural ingredients present in the drugs which are obtained from the natural resources.

It is one of the most significant parts of drug store which is another expert vocation of its own known as Pharmacologists. It is the investigation of the association of medications with every single living being and the investigation of the synthetic mixes which would influence the typical or strange biochemical capacities. It assists with considering the different procedure of conveyance of the medication in the body just as its unfavourable or restorative impacts. This branch of pharmacy incorporates a lot of research.

Pharmacy Practice
Pharmacy Practice is another branch of Pharmacy which deals with the process of handling the Pharmacies. The Pharmacy Practice is split into some of the following areas, such as - Clinical Interventions, Pharmaceutical Care, Communication skills, Patient Care etc.

Medical Chemistry
This is the branch of pharmacy which deals with the latest drug development. It is a multi-disciplinary form of discipline which involves the combination of the chemistry, more significantly organic chemistry, Pharmacology, and other various biological specialities. The combination of these subjects is used to provide the perfect zenith of chemical design, synthesis, and advancement for the market of the pharmaceutical drug or agents which will be used in the further process of better medicine or drug products. The stream also deals with the testing of the drugs with the target organ to understand the impacts of the drug on the metabolism, healing properties and its various side effects on the target organ.

These are the five different Branches of Pharmacy different educational institutes provides these branches under different specializations one can select these as per their own choice, need and future plans.

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Assistant Professor at DBIPR Pharmacy college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.