There are plenty of ways people achieve an Amazon Seller Suspension. Well, it's not really an achievement because it hurts badly to lose business. Although, it can happen for more than one reason, and Amazon Intellectual Property Policy is one of them.

It has been reported that Amazon Intellectual Property Policies are one of the major reasons why amazon sellers get an Amazon seller suspension. Therefore, it becomes important to address this issue. And tell people how they can save their business from such infringement. Why? Because it is a serious offense in the eyes of Amazon and can even lead to a permanent ban if not addressed. Therefore, below are some of the ways one can get an Amazon seller suspension.

• Trademark: The trademark is nothing but a word or a logo or a combination of both. Using some else's Trademark for your product can lead to an Amazon seller suspension.
• Copyright: A copyright infringement happens when you use someone else’s copyrighted content without authorization for describing your product. This is one of the most common ways to get an Amazon seller suspension.
• Patent: A patent is ideally used for a technology or its update. Amazon doesn’t allow using patented tech without the authorization of the inventor.
• Design: Design or Industrial Design infringement happens when you use someone else’s design for your product. Or, you simply are selling a product that infringes it.

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