Yoga has been selected by people across the world to become free from mental stress allowing them to gain Physical and mental strength.  Though it has originated in India, it has become highly popular as a method of gaining physical and social wellness

The fact that it is that yoga is far more than just exercise. The breath and mind focus are a big part of it. Out of experience of others, and myself I will explain how different yogic postures can help combat various diseases, ailments and body issues effectively and how people suffering are relieved and living happily. 

However, one has to consult certified trainers in their vicinity to make sure they get proper guidance and instructions.  Vinyasa Yoga, Guatemala is providing yoga training successfully to the aspirants seeking physical fitness and mental wellness.  Let us find out some of the postures dedicated especially for the cure of concerned diseases.  Here is list of few postures that are dedicated to cure some general and regular problems suffered by people due to modern day lifestyle. 

Yoga for menstrual pains:  Due to hectic lifestyle women in these days cannot afford to spend more time on exercises, at the same time they don’t want to suffer pain in their menstrual time.  Especially, women in their reproductive stage may suffer from menstrual pains.  They can try bow pose and cobra pose.  This will provide significant relief.

Back pain:  Due to long sitting hours in front of system and eating junk food cause people suffer from back pain.  People suffering from back pain may also be suffering from gastric trouble.  They can practice Supine spinal twist and tree pose regularly. Light back bends such as locust will strengthen the back. This will not only relieve their back pain but they can also escape from the effects of gastric trouble.

Arthritis:  It is another major problem faced by people reaching middle age.  People nowadays suffer from their hectic schedule, consuming fast food, stress and anxiety and many more reasons joint together producing arthritis conditions. All yoga poses will help with this, as they will strengthen the bones and help joint movement.

Sciatica: A pain in the butt! Doing hip openers such as pigeon, bound angle pose and seated forward folds, can help release the pain around the sciatic nerve.

Headache: Deep breathing, especially lengthening the exhales helps calm the body and mind. You can do this in Lotus pose or variations of it. Headstand greatly helps people suffering from various types of headaches as well.

However, one has to perform all these exercises under the guidance trained and certified yoga teacher.  They can create suitable chain of posture to provide suitable solution for the problem/s you are facing.  Yoga is a complete science and it can be compared no less than the ocean.   Postures must be practiced synchronized with breathing patterns - Inhalation and exhalation. Everything has to be coordinated while performing these postures. 

These breathing techniques are also called as pranayama. When practiced regularly under expert trainer and teacher it can provide endless bliss, health, tranquility and everything to practitioner.  Since there are so many branches in Yoga Practice, one has to select wisely so that they can benefit most from the practice. I personally love the Doron Yoga system, as it is very efficient and practical. Using old traditions modified for the modern day yogi.

Catering half an hour to one hour daily can change over your life magnificently. At Yoga Retreat Lake Atitlan they start every day with half hour meditation and half an hour of pranayama, guided by our senior teacher. No matter whatever path you choose, it is always focused on the betterment of body and mind.  Remember a coin has two faces; similarly human beings are made out of physical body and subtle body.  Yoga sharpens both realms effectively. 


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Doron Yoga & Zen Center is finest Yoga Retreat Center located in Tzununa Solola, Lake Atitlan Guatemala. This place is for the perfect yoga teacher training and connect with spirituality in this modern age. This is the ultimate place to get yoga teacher training through holistic approach in Guatemala.