Dealing with death certificates can be quite tedious especially taking into account the emotional baggage the individuals handling the application process would be going through. However, now there are websites that can assist with the entire process and get them everything they need at their doorstep, without them having to travel to any office or wait in any queues. The beauty and simplicity of the internet, along with the idea of people, to better a long, frustrating, and difficult system created a process that allows others to handle all their death certificate needs at the tips of their fingers.

What are the various processes the online portal handles?

Applying for a new death certificate which is usually done by people close to the deceased is one of the primary goals of the website. It has all the applications needed for someone to just download and fill out. Additionally, there are a few documents that would have to be submitted along with the application forms, and these would have to be sourced from various offices. One of the most important ones is a medical report that would have to be provided by a doctor who inspected the body to declare that there was no foul play and that the person was indeed deceased.

The website also assists people with documents to make changes to the death certificates of family members. Very often people notice that there is an error or typo on the death certificate. This could happen because there was an issue when the information was provided and the doctor who presented the certificate either got the name wrong, made a typo or mentioned the incorrect date. Additionally, these could have just been mistakes when the information was being entered in the ​death certificate​ but it would need to be corrected. There is an entire battery of forms that would have to be gathered, filled out and submitted. Furthermore, there are some supporting documents that have to be provided along with the application forms that have to be handed in. Everything would be processed at the backend of the ​death certificate website​ and the death certificate with the changes made would be sent over. Obviously, there would have to be a fee that would be handled before the website starts processing the information and documents.

Losing death certificates is another issue that people are constantly facing. Getting a new one is not that difficult but would need the applicant to upload all of their information and prove that they are connected to the deceased individual.

Other than providing people with all the information they need to handle the death certificate process, the website also makes it a point to connect them to the state level platforms so they can take the process forward at their end. The website also allows people to register the deaths through the portal, which is technically what the platform requires before applying for a death certificate.

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