The concept of coloring books or coloring pages first came into existence in the United States that was inspired by a British artist Joshua Reynolds. In the year of 1880, there was a man who was behind the invention of paper coloring books—McLoughlin Brothers. The year of 1960 is widely considered the "golden age" of coloring books; virtually thousands of subjects appeared in them. There were even coloring books for products such as Planters Peanuts, Cracker Jack, Hoover Sweepers and Campbell Soup. But it was TV programs, from kids' cartoons to popular evening primetime comedies and dramas that provided the overwhelming majority of coloring book themes. Nearly every major show had at least one (Benny and Cecil, Julia, Daniel Boone, The Flintstones, Green Acres, The Addams Family, were just a few, among many others).Comic book characters were also still popular; Dennis The Menace, Beetle Bialy, Spiderman, Batman, James bond, Casper The Friendly Ghost, Alley Oop, King Leonardo etc. Merrill began publishing coloring books in Chicago, also during the year of 1930. From this decade through the 1950s, they were probably the second largest publisher of children's coloring books.

Did you know that before the 1930s, the basic coloring book was NOT accepted; Painting books were widely used. Even during the 1930s when crayons came into greater use, books were still designed for painting or coloring.

How it becomes the art education subject in preschool studies

The emergence of using coloring pages as a subject in the art education manual of preschool studies is just because of the number of benefits of nature coloring pages, earth coloring pages and preschool coloring worksheets etc. It enhances or develops conceptual understanding of the tangible particulars, developing their cognitive abilities and improving skills gradually. Most of the kids are really good at drawing objects clearly and draft a beautiful picture in the initial age of their learning. In fact this may have a chance to open up some great future artistic professions for them.

Coloring books have seen a wide usage in health related subjects and to impart educational tools. You must have seen many coloring books having healthy food pictures, vegetables, and sometime hygiene tips such as washing hands before and after the meal.

Now you can find all interesting types (educational, nature, earth, cartoon, animated etc.) online as Internet has become the solution. You can make use of such available worksheets in kids gathering or school events or drawing contests. Explore coloring pages in downloadable printable coloring worksheets format over the internet.

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