The IN VITRO FERTILIZATION (IVF) is the process which helps the childless couples to conceive a healthy baby without any risk, the main goal of IVF is to provide the chance of becoming parents to the patient by using their own or from the donors egg cell, and the sperm cells from the partner. This might not be the toughest procedure but in order to achieve success several points should be kept into consideration. IVF is a standard procedure which includes different stages starting from the ovarian stimulation and ending to the embryo transfer. The main factors of pregnancy and successful plantation are transfer efficiency, and the embryo quality.

Most often There are several factors that can affect the success rate of in vitro fertilization that includes -:

1) AGE :- It is prove that between 24 to 34 years of age, women have highest chances of successful IVF treatment since this is the age where the woman is most fertile, the success rate of IVF decreases over the increase of age, however when the women reaches 40 years of age the chances of IVF success declines. The women between the age of of 42 - 43 may witness 13.8% chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.

2) DURATION OF INFERTILITY:- Duration of infertility may warrant many consequent actions. Since the duration of infertility is more itself can advance maternal age, it may hamper the success rate. The solution to the advanced maternal age may be egg donation.

3) THE QUALITY OF SPERM EGG AND EMBRYO:- In the process of in vitro fertilization, The main role is played by egg cells and sperm the factors like age of these components, ovarian reserve affect both the egg cells angry embryo quality. If if there is any fertility issue with the male partner the IVF success rate will also be affected. That is why it is very important to close examine the quality of sperm the egg cells and the embryo.
4) RECURRENT HISTORY OF MISCARRIAGE:- Any medical history that involve previous pregnancy on the persistent miscarriage can face present additional challenges. IVF process is accompanied by IVF experts. The couples who are undergoing the IVF treatment are give an additional precautions and specific medicines. To reduce the risk of IVF success rate.

5) OVULATORY DYSFUNCTION:- Ovulatory dysfunction can have many options that can affect the IVF cycles. The patient with high FSH level and low AMH levels end up being disadvantaged. The ovarian dysfunction can affect the overall IVF success rate.

6) STRESS:- Most often stress can lead to insomnia which reduces chances of conception.. studies proved that women who are insomniac are 4 times at risk of developing infertility. Its a obvious thing to be stressed out while pregnancy, but dont worry much about it, and try to focus on lowering the stress. Emotional stress during IVF can be a major cause of IVF failure,

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