Whenever you are opting for home improvement and are calculating the cost of floor-related work, it is pretty easy to get the cost estimate by multiplying the area of the flooring as well as the material which you are using. However, when it comes to carpet installation, there are quite a few other factors which are to be taken into account as well. It is not as simple as opting for hardwood flooring.

We would today share with you a few things which are to be considered in order to get an estimate of the carpet installation.

  1. The removal of the existing carpet:

if you’re already having a carpet installed, then you would have to 1st to get this carpet removed. This would cost you extra. You need to understand that the removal of the carpet is also charged according to the area of the carpet. That is why it is important to 1st determine the cost of removal of the carpet.

  1. Carpet on staircase costs extra:

If you are also installing the carpet on the stairs, that would cost you extra. That is why it is important to find out the exact cost of installing the carpet on the stairs as well and how much extra it would cost. Also, it is not necessary that this installation is charged on the basis of area. Many times, there is a fixed rate depending on the number of staircases on which you want to install the carpet. That is why you have to find out about it in advance.

  1. Shape of the room:

The shape of the room would also decide the cost of carpet installation. If it is a simple rectangular room, the cost of carpet installation would be on the lower side. However, if it is having a lot of pillars or if the shape of the room is unusual, it would cost you extra. In such a case, only the area multiplied by the cost of the carpet would not be taken into account. There would be an extra cost as well.

  1. Preparation of the floor:

Also, if there is any treatment which needs to be done on the flooring before the installation of the carpet, then that would be extra. That is why, you have to get the floor inspected as well by the carpet installation company and thereafter, you would be able to get an accurate quotation. The cost of the extra treatment would be dependent on the exact treatment which needs to be done. If chemical cleaning is required of the floor before the installation of the carpet, that would cost differently as compared to just normal cleaning of the floor. That is why, it is important to 1st determine the type of treatment which is to be done and thereafter, you would be able to get a cost estimate of the treatment.

So, instead of thinking that installing hardwood flooring or laminate flooring and carpet installation is one in the same thing, you have to look into these additional factors which need to be looked into whenever you are installing a carpet in your home.

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