Magento is a major e-commerce platform which is cause forcible nd effectual platform for business across the globe. Many succeeding businesses made it as the most used platform on the market. As a big fan of Magento, we will explore you around our all favourite Magento facts that can blow your minds. Here we go.

1. Magento Fuels 1.2% Of The Internet

Our first fact about Magento is surely shocking, isn't it? Magento fuels 1.2% of these is made for setting up online sites which takes 12% market share in setting up every e-commerce site. This is a rich app for developing online stores which set it apart from comparison with CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress. It surely has a good market share in the CMS application category.

2. Magento Story Behind The Name

There is a mystery behind the origins of its name. During its development, it was called Bento in 2007. Yet due to the legal conflicts on the name Bento became Magento. Logo of Magento coloured Magenta that raised the beliefs which is the reason behind the new name. But developers thought Mages was cool. So they modified Ben in bento to Mage.

3. Magento Runs Own Convention Yearly

Magento celebrates enthusiastic and active community and celebrated it with yearly Imagine Ecommerce convention. Attendees who attend this convention are Magento developers, partners, retailers who meet to listen to the newest news to the platform evolution.

4. It Got All Big Names

Magento aids small and medium scale businesses and a proud supporter of the big brands like Ford, Nike, Pepe jeans, Bulgari, Samsung, land rover and more faces. To handle these big names is a big task which is where Magento is successful in proving its power in the market.

5. Big Community

Magento has a huge community of developers, professionals, and testers who can contribute in big numbers for offering other Magento users. They help the retailer in-store development from the very bottom including certain features or developing user experience of the present webshop.

Magento's open-source code and a huge community of experts means a retailer has expert resources to change the code for you. They are versed with the latest technology you have depending on your company.

6. Every Online Stores Loves Magento

Magento is popular among other Ecommerce platforms. It became a top priority for many sites. This is why all those 250,000 online stores utilising Magento CMS. Last year people who are using Magento doubled. So, the way shop owners inclined towards Magento increased Magento 2 popularity and growth. Main reasons behind its preference can be it doesn't need any application installation process.

7. Tons Of Extensions And Themes

You can pick from attractive designs and themes. Magento assures it has the best taste in its collection to deliver to every consumer's choice. Magento developers are ready to serve more than 9000 extensions. For each brand new feature, you can get a separate extension that makes it much more cost-friendly and efficient.

8. Magento Got 1300+ global partners and 200,000 developers

Where you continue your business from Magento has its wings across the world with collaboration with more than 13000 agencies and companies. Even the selection of Magento partners is genuine front line basis after tough orientation and training. Magento is equipped with 2000000 expert developers who are at your services 24/7 to decode and encode your problem to other innovative and constructive features.

9. Magento Has Traded Hands

It's repeated changing ownership is interesting. After it's premier developer Roy Rubin started the company varien and was sold and bought by many companies.
2007- 2011

eBay acquired the whole company in 2012 for $180 million dollars.


eBay sold Magento to Permira for $925 million.
2018 Permira then sold Magento to Adobe System for a shopping amount of 1.68 billion dollars.

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