Horses and human-civilization have a deep and interconnected history; mutual trust and care are the hallmarks of this age-old relationship. Horses were one of the first animals to be domesticated by men, serving as both necessity and luxury. Historically, stamina, strength, fitness, and pace have been the qualities based on which horse breeds were judged. Primarily because in earlier times, armies would be heavily dependent on horses for their battles, also horses were a premier mode of transportation; even for recreational purposes horses were used, for instance, the game of Polo and horse racing being popular sports around the world for centuries. However, it is necessary for you to know which breeds are the fastest to make an informed decision before you get one for yourself.

Following is a list of some of the fastest horse breeds in the world:


Versatility and discipline are two prime qualities of Arabian horses. They are the most aggressive breed in every event. Fun, gentle in their demeanor, the Arabian breed is also quite intelligent and is on an average 14-16 hand tall. This breed is also quite elegant and graceful in their appearance. These horses are built for high endurance, and in long races, their stamina would hold through. If trained in an organized manner with respect, these horses can be made to learn anything. So the Arabian breed of horses is one of the fastest and tenacious breeds around.

2. Thoroughbred

Power, strength, intelligence are core traits of Thoroughbreds. Not only do these horses make great racehorses but also become wonderful companions for their owners. Sweet and loving in their mannerism, Thoroughbreds are quite easy to train. Muscular and athletic, these horses are on an average 16 hands high and are a marvelous breed on their own, being suitable for almost any discipline. Thoroughbreds run fastest in middle distance races, thus making it a popular choice for racing.

3.Quarter Horse

Regarding responsiveness, the Quarter horse is the most endearing to the owner. They can understand the temperament of different individuals quite easily, as well as the manner which they exercise training. They pick up when they are given respect; rewards when they perform something well and are then likely to learn faster. On an average, they are 15 hands high and are versatile in their performances from jumping to obstacle racing. These horses are one to look out for if you are looking for a long-term riding partner as they are the fastest sprint runner, but they do not maintain high speed uniformly after going a quarter mile.
Some other breeds you can consider are Paint Horse, Appaloosa,
Mustang, and Friesian, for more information you can visit this link


Horses are lovely, intelligent, gorgeous and fabulous creatures who share an essential part in the progress of human civilization. But with the multiplicity of breeds and the expenses involved in maintaining them, it would be prudent to go through in detail about which breed to buy to register good performances in races, events and other competitions.

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Lucy Jones is freelancer writer. Regarding responsiveness, the Quarter horse is the most endearing to the owner.