Considering the fact that it’s a relatively new entrant to the web frameworks catalog, Laravel is off to a meteoric rise. With over 35,000 developers across the globe lauding its ingenious features and capabilities, the Laravel framework is currently the Most Starred PHP Framework on Github.

Its highly versatile features and components make it a great fit for nearly every kind of website, from e-commerce to entertainment, news and everything in-between. When you hire a dedicated Laravel developer, you can expect the developer to use powerful, readily accessible tools to create an application with splendid features and functions.

Originally a creation of Taylor Otwell that was introduced in 2011, Laravel has gone on to become a wildly popular free PHP web framework. In 2015, it clinched a coveted spot among the most popular PHP frameworks. In this article, we examine the key features of Laravel application development and how these features help brands whip up a web and mobile development with an edge.

Key Features of Laravel


With 20 different libraries that can be divided into separate modules, Laravel allows you to easily create a highly effective MVC. Laravel’s modular packaging also facilitates dependency management.

Automatic Pagination

A Laravel web development incorporates automatic pagination features that regulate the settings automatically.

Routing Systems

When you hire a dedicated Laravel developer for your development, your developer will be given access to a wide range of routes for activating applications. Also, the framework has an expedient route defining system that automatically uploads routes files, which are usually contained in app/http/routes/php file.

The route defining mechanism works with URLs and closures. Not only do all these imbue your Laravel development with greater versatility and adaptability, it also makes maintenance an easier affair.


Laravel is the only PHP Framework that offers pre-installed object-oriented libraries. This makes it a lot easier to integrate authentication library components such as Bcrypt hashing, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, encryption, etc. into your Laravel application development.

Unit Testing

When you hire dedicated Laravel developer for your app, you can expect to have your application put through excellent quality control unit tests. Laravel comes with an artisan command line utility that allows developers to write unit tests easily.

Template Engine

Laravel Templates help expedite the creation of splendid layouts. Together with CSS and JS Code structural widgets, the Laravel Templates also facilitate content seeding.

The Advantages of Laravel Application Development

Robust Authentication and Authorization System

Not only does Laravel provide pre-built authentication libraries, but it also simplifies the management of authorization logic and access to resources. With these provisions, you can easily prevent unauthorized access to resources by fake users.

Expedient Task Scheduling Tools

The traditional task scheduling method entails creating Cron entries for every scheduled task. But when you hire a dedicated Laravel developer, the developer will use the Laravel command scheduler to create clearly-defined command schedules that use only a single Cron entry on the server.

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From social media posts to sending emails to subscribers, tasks associated with the daily functions of an app, the Laravel command scheduler allows developers to use one Cron entry to schedule every task.

A Huge Template Library

The inbuilt lightweight templates and object-oriented libraries of Laravel are some of the exclusive features of the PHP framework. They facilitate dynamic content seeding in splendid layouts for a Laravel development. Among the preinstalled libraries is the Authentication Library, which is very popular because it’s very easy to implement.

Cache Backends

One of the most widely adopted ways to increase the loading speeds of an application is the integration of a caching backend. A Laravel development comes with pre-built popular cache backends such as Memcached and Redis. In addition to these, a Laravel application development stores cached objects in a file system through the file cache driver by default, and this allows for the use of multiple cache configurations.

Code Separation

With the Laravel code separation feature, HTML layout designers can effect changes to a webpages appearance without interfering with the work of developers. When the separation of code ensues early on in the development, it becomes much easier to debug the application and to integrate new features in the application. This gives Laravel development an edge over developments using other frameworks.

MVC support

Laravel comprises 20 different libraries that can be separated according to current PHP principles to build modular, expedient web apps. You can use Laravel’s MVC pattern architecture to create marked distinctions between logic and presentation in your Laravel application development. This architecture also helps to enhance performance and to iron out documentation.

Database Migration

Laravel Migration allows you to make changes to the database structure of your Laravel application development without having to re-create the database structure. This minimizes the risks of losing development data while making changes to your application’s database structure and also enhances control over your database.

Mail Service Integration

When it comes to mail services that notify users about events related to an app, Laravel offers a slew of options. It offers neat, compact SwiftMailer library APIs, as well as drivers for SMTP, Amazon SES, ‘sendmail,’ SparkPost and PHPs ‘mail system.’
With these features, you can easily get your Laravel development set to send mail. You can also easily set up your Laravel development to send notifications via many delivery channels such as SMS and Slack.

Unit Testing

Laravel developments are known to be the most reliable and efficient in the industry because Laravel runs hundreds of tests to eliminate crashes, bugs, and any kind of failures in the code. The automation tests are much less time consuming and more effective than manual testing. These tests replicate basic user behaviors, sending queries to the application in order to assess the corresponding outputs.


Most developers like to execute the common tasks in an app development first before delving into the complex custom codes of the development. Like every other app development framework, Laravel expedites the execution of common tasks, and also helps developers handle the complex custom codes as well. Our team of excellent developers will harness all the aforementioned features and benefits of Laravel development to help you implement a speedy, cost-effective application development.

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