By going through this article you can get to know the answers to the frequently asked questions about sports massage therapy. This is not any type of medical information, it is presented for informational purposes only. For certain conditions, it’s wise to consult with your doctor or medical practitioner. If you have any questions regarding sports massage therapy in Perth, scroll down to read all of the frequently asked questions regarding the topic. 

What exactly is sports massage?

This massage is a bodywork style that fulfils the specific athlete needs. This is a special message form and is used before, during, and after any sports events, as well as pre-season, off-season, and post-season massage. The purpose of the sports massage is to prepare the sportsperson to offer maximum performance, to relieve swelling, drain away fatigue, promote flexibility, reduce muscle tension and prevent injuries. This massage makes use of a mixture of techniques ranging from Deep tissue, Swedish, Myofascial release, Neuromuscular therapy, and Pin and Stretch. 

What are the benefits of sports massage for an athlete?

The most vital benefits of a sports massage are:

  • Enhanced sports performance 
  • Fewer injuries and faster recovery from injury
  • Faster workout recovery
  • Range of motion and restore flexibility 
  • Removal of lactic acid buildup 
  • Reducing stress feelings
  • Extending your overall athletic career
  • Maintaining your body in better condition

Will sports massage help my injury?

Sports massage can reduce the time of recovery from injury, sometimes taking a short time than expected for injuries to heal. This massage form can reduce the edema and swell linked with soft tissue injuries. Some of the potential benefits are:

  • Helps to form pliable, soft scar tissue
  • Maintains or increases motion range 
  • Shortens the time it takes to heal an injury 
  • Eliminates splinting in linked tissue of the muscle 
  • Helps a sportsperson to get back to training sooner with fewer chances of getting injured again

How often should I get a sports massage?

This depends on a lot of factors, such as volume of training and its intensity, whether or not you are suffering from acute injury or chronic pain, and other factors. For some, weekly massage benefits them the most, while others only get sports massage occasionally if they are suffering from pain. A sports massage therapy can reduce the hard training effects and provide you with long-lasting positive impacts. 

Will sports massage help me extend my sports career? 

Yes, it will. The main cause of the reduction of athletic ability with aging is because of years of microtrauma from maximum exertion along with the negative results of existing unresolved injuries. When you get a sports massage on a regular basis, you can reduce the effects of traumas significantly. Moreover, it will allow you to add 20% performance to your ability, making you a strong contender for the title of the sport. 

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