Nowadays, students can learn a lot of things through the internet. E-learning is helping students to learn something new and improve their knowledge. Students face various obstacles that have been overcome by online learning in many different ways. Online learning is going to be very helpful and an effective way for the students to study. The incredible growth of internet learning has seen sudden progress in the past few years, especially during this lockdown period. Online learning has various advantages over traditional learning by which this concept is very popular in recent times. The main and say the key feature of online education is the students can learn at their own space and time with the same quality which is being delivered by traditional education. Various boards of education like the IB board and IGCSE board has been adopted online learning concept to educate their students.
Education may have various purposes, eLearning helps to fulfill them by having some importance of online classes.

1. Flexible Schedule/Time

Online classes offer students the to learn at their own place without going outside. By doing so students can save time of traveling and money as well. Students can learn through watching videos or lectures on any subject at any time.

2. Vast choice of tutors

In traditional education students have limited tutors of each subject, while online classes offer a vast choice of tutors of each subject with different teaching skills. Students can learn from any tutor of their choice having different ways to learn a particular topic. As we see that various different existing platforms like offer a vast choice of their tutors of each subject in which students can get their tutor according to their need whether they can be a middle-level experience or a highly experienced tutor.

3. Lack of resources (offline)

As we all know that the market of IB is small and have selected centers, study-material, and tutors across pan India including ib tutor in delhi. When we are talking about offline mode it seems to be very hard to get the best resource according to your need. Online learning improves this drawback by offering students a variety of resources on their fingertips. They can view, download, and read whenever and wherever they want. The crisis due to covid-19 accelerated online education.

4. Facility of international tutors

If you want to learn from an international tutor, this is possible through online education. Students have the facility to learn from an international tutor. There are various platforms that provide tutors across the globe like classes etc.

5. Learn whatever you want

Students have an opportunity to learn anything whatever they want either related to the syllabus or not, technical or non-tech. If you are eager to learn different things you can gain knowledge related to any topic. There are various ways by which students can get knowledge like online video lectures, one-to-one live classes, ppt content, and various others. There are various free resources also by which you can get profit according to your choice. These all are the important points by which students can see the importance of online education. While you are studying through International boards like IB and IGCSE online education is a better way to learn.

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