In this blog post, we are enlisting all the essential background checks required and performed by employers in the fast-paced healthcare sector.

With the 2nd wave of COVID-19 constricting around humanity, the healthcare industry is the talk of the town. Thus, the healthcare sector professionals have to be exceptionally skilled & trained to provide high-quality care to patients. 

However, it is not easy for nursing homes, hospitals, etc., to deliver such high-standard services. That is when employers can rely on conducting healthcare background checks.  

Hence, medical background checks become essential for all healthcare facilities & employers. It helps them verify the applicant’s background, work history, and identity to ensure that they are trustworthy and suitable for the job. 

The Importance of Healthcare Background Checks

It is a daunting task for employers to run a comprehensive background screening on each candidate, especially in an unprecedented time like now. Irrespective, it is the only way to ensure that the candidate is not a potential threat.

The healthcare industry requires background checks to be carried out more thoroughly than any other as the involved professionals, maybe doctors, physicians, nurses, etc., are dealing with human lives.

There is no room for negligence. Thus, background reports help employers to evaluate metrics and find the right care providers.

Due to a range of positions in the healthcare field, the background screening may vary in complexity based on the role a company is hiring. For example, a doctor or physician might require a much more comprehensive check than a nurse, medical assistant, or someone from the hospital administration. 

Healthcare Background Check Requirements

The requirements for the medical background checks may differ depending on several factors such as organization, the job role or position, and how stringent the employer wants the background check to be conducted. 

For easy understanding, we have listed the most healthcare-specific background checks as per the industry professionals.

For Doctors/Physicians:

- Criminal History Check

- Employment

- Current/Prior Facility Affiliation

- Right to Work Check

- Licensing

- Reference Check

For Nurses/Nurse Aides:

- National Police Check

- Education Check

- Employment

- Right to Work Check

- Licensing

For Office/Administration Staff:

- Police Clearance Certificate

- Education

- Employment

- Right to Work Check

The background screening services are subjected to federal and state-wise regulations. Hence, the employer and candidate need to know the specifications based on jurisdictions or territory.

A few employers might go to extra length and may require Identity Verification Check, Drug Screening, etc.  

COVID-19 Impact On Healthcare Background Check Process

Human resource professionals in the healthcare field are facing new challenges in the hiring and background check process. This is mainly due to staff shortage amid pandemic, whereas; many others remain on standby for patients seeking care. 

Healthcare Background Check May Take Longer Time

To counter theabove effect, KONCHECK - an ACIC accredited National Police Check provider, has wholly scrapped the manual screening process and relies on online police and other background check process. 

It is an added advantage to know about the hiring process and pre-employment background checks during the pandemic time. It has become vital to conduct adequate background checks & checking references on independent contractors such as agency staff, volunteers, etc.

Pre-employment screening may include:-

- Applicant interviews;

- Tests to evaluate general ability, aptitude, and personality;

- Medical checks

- Reference & background checks.

Mandatory Consent

Employers in the healthcare field need to ensure to obtain consent from the candidates before conducting any searches. Usually, this is mentioned on the application form or requested following an interview.

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

All the medical practitioners and nurses have to register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Here, the registration records of the medical professionals can be verified. In addition, inquiries or concerns can be raised for a registered health practitioner on his condition or if suffering from an impairment. 

What If You Receive A Negative Report?

In case if you happen to receive information that is unfavorable or concerning you about the prospect, you could discuss it with the relevant person or consult a lawyer in the event of not able to hire him/her.


It is certain that pre-employment background checks play an important role but also expose employers to potential risks. Thus, these risks require dire attention and have to be managed if an employer is to mitigate the risk of a claim. 


The content of this article is for educational purposes only and not to be taken as legal advice. It is merely representing a general guide. We recommend you consult a specialist about specific practices and compliance with applicable laws pertaining to your circumstances.

Wrap Up

KONCHECK - an ACIC accredited national police check provider helps individuals and businesses to eliminate risk and promote a safe environment for the Australian community. Try KONCHECK today for background checks such as National Police CheckWork Entitlement Check, etc., and receive your police clearance certificate within 1-2 business days. 

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The requirements for the medical background checks may differ depending on several factors such as organization, the job role or position, etc.