Basements are susceptible to moisture issues, as well as structural stresses. Therefore, it makes no sense to scrimp on technology and materials. There are several new-generation materials that can add value throughout the life of your home and reduce the need for maintenance in the long term.

In this article, we will share with you some key dos and don’ts pertaining to durable, and superior quality renovations of the basement. 

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Look for any cracks

It is important to look closely at the floor and foundation walls and check if there are any cracks. If you can easily see any visible cracks, then ensure that you tackle them with the help of a superior quality carbon fiber. It is one of the best crack repair solutions. 

Why do you need to choose Carbon fiber? There is a reason for it. Carbon fiber proves to be stronger compared to traditional steel methods. They are also simple to install. They offer a lasting solution to the issue. You can use it for several applications, such as repairing cracks present on the floors and walls to reinforce bowed walls.

Add a subfloor

An important thing to do is to use a ready-to-use engineered wood product for the creation of a subfloor. It will offer comfortable, dry living and warm spaces and ensures easy and quick installation. 

Create a well-researched design

A well-researched basement remodel needs an elaborate design that is mutually agreed upon between the homeowner and the contractor. All you need is to prepare a sketch of the room so that both of you share a similar vision of how the basement will suit their requirements.

Do not build right over the concrete slab

Extreme weather events can increase the chances of flooded basements. A majority of homeowners take necessary precautionary measures to adequately deal with the moisture in the basement. It is necessary to prevent moisture and promote air circulation by ensuring proper air circulation. 

Ventilation methods and mechanical methods such as fans, vents, etc. help achieve this objective. Breathable building materials include a good subflooring product. This product promotes a positive flow of air and keeps the finished floor off the concrete.

Do not forget about power efficiency

Homeowners renovate their homes while keeping energy efficiency in mind. They are looking for efficient products and materials to save money while making your home a lot comfortable. Poorly insulated and un-insulated products can lead to 1/3rd of the loss of heat of the home.

Do not ignore a good drainage system 

Homes should be built with important consideration of the main floor drain. Drain tiles need to be installed near the exterior region of the foundation wall. A good option, in this case, is to use a sump pump. Install it either outside or inside the home. It will begin on its own when the water level present in the collection pit begins to increase. 


One of the significant ways to enhance the living space of your home without going over budget is to finish the basement. All these dos and don’ts will strengthen your basement, reduce maintenance needs and enhance its life. 

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