Have you kept up with the latest trends in interior styles and decorating fashions? You might know that it's not cool to have bathroom designs all in lipstick pink or murky orange any more, but if you haven't been paying attention you might have missed out on the latest innovations and advancements in interior decorating and home renovation. Here we have rounded up the latest and most exciting trends in bathroom design for you to consider for your own space.

  • Going Green
    Traditionally, bathroom designs consume a significantly large proportion of water and energy in the home. As of late, however, engineers and interior decorators have been taking a more environmentally conscious direction in this space, by using water conservative toilets and showers and lead free, sustainably sourced fixtures throughout the space.
  • Artistic Touches
    While all bathroom designs are focused on practical purposes of bathing and hygiene, many renovators have been taking up more of a creative licence in giving their space some flair. Favourite sites for art in this space are wrought iron mirrors, mosaic floors and digitised photographic wall tiles.
  • Strong Colours
    It seems that more and more people are adopting strong and striking colours in their bathroom design as a backlash to the soft neutrals that have prevailed for the last decade or so. Colours typically not found in this space, such as saffron and aubergine, are growing in popularity.
  • Sunken Sinks
    Beautiful and streamlined, sunken sinks are also very easy to keep clean, making them the perfect all rounder. Shallow sinks are perfect for compact bathroom designs as they make the most of storage space underneath the vanity. Sinks in clear or tinted glass are another fresh option to suit the modern decorating style.
  • Return to Craftsmanship
    Although flat pack and fast assembly furniture is always on the rise in this fast paced world, we also believe that the counter culture “slow” movement is gaining in popularity. The slow movement follows the principle of investing time and effort in quality and authenticity, resulting in bathroom designs that use traditional cabinetry and artisan sourced materials.
  • Shower Screens
    Most home renovators these days are choosing floor plans with dedicated shower stalls with glass screens instead of combined shower-baths and curtains. Glass screens are much easier to keep clean than clingy shower curtains and bathroom designs with minimal steps or thresholds are much safer for users of all ages.
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