Joint replacement is considered to be a painful procedure and no one wants till it is the last resort. Let us have a look the reasons as to why one needs joint replacement. Whenever you look for the cause, arthritis tops the list. There are various types of arthritis like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The surgery is performed only when the organ has stopped functioning or the patient finds it difficult to move around or sit or pursue his or her normal routine. Also after all types of medications and other treatments are of no respite to the patient.
Orthopaedic doctor in Delhi would never suggest for surgery straight away. Only when he is sure that the problem could not be solved with physiotherapy, special activity exercises only then he would recommend the patient to go for the same. What happens is that the cartilage which acts as a cushion between two or more bones gets damaged and the tissues become inflamed. As the time passes by, the cartilage wears away and thus the bone rub against each other resulting in unbearable pain.
Joint replacement surgery in India is not costly rather some doctors perform such operations at subsidised rates. Whatever problem you are suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis both conditions are painful. But if you have found a right doctor at right time, you would get relieved of this pain in no time. The right doctor would recommend you surgery only after performing all the tests. Only then he would recommend whether you need a partial knee replacement or a total knee replacement.
We often take our body for granted and use it so much that a stage comes when it breaks down and we fall sick. With the age our muscles and tissues begin to wear and tear and our body is deprived of the essential nutrients. Sometime it is not the age but some injuries or accident which might affect our body. Sometime we may break our joint and we might require joint replacement. The cartilage is responsible for the smooth functioning of the bones and the joints. But if there is any damage to the cartilage, you may experience severe pain. This is because one bone is rubbing with the other bone as the joint has worn enough and hence the pain.
Orthopaedic Doctor in Delhi treats the patients who are suffering from such problems. Joint replacement is not the only alternative to get rid of the pain. Sometime medication, exercise might provide relief. But if the pain surfaces again after some days, then thorough check ups and tests are done to know the exact situation inside. After examining all the reports, orthopaedic surgeons decide for performing the joint replacement surgery in India.
What happens during the surgery is that the worn cartilage is replaced with plastic or metal joints and embedded in the affected area. Thanks to the advancement in technology, the surgeries are less painful and the patient need less time in recovering. Though the time for recovery may vary from patient to patient and the degree to which cartilage is damaged. But after the surgery, the patients are able to lead their life in a normal way.

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