In a liver biopsy, a tiny piece of liver tissue is removed and scrutinized under a microscope to look for warning signs of any disease and damage. Your doctor at one of the best cancer hospitals in India may come up with a recommendation for liver biopsy in the event that your blood test or imaging test results are indicative of a liver problem. You can also benefit from a liver biopsy as it helps determine the severity of your liver disease. This vital information helps make appropriate treatment choices.

• Percutaneous liver biopsy is the most commonly performed procedure.
• It consists of the insertion of a thin needle via your abdomen to make ingress into the liver and extract a small piece of tissue.
• Two other kinds of liver biopsy include:
• A transjugular biopsy that makes use of a vein passing through your neck
• A laparoscopic biopsy that uses a tiny abdominal incision to removes liver tissue with the help of a needle
Are there any risks associated with a liver biopsy?

• As per an oncologist from a top centre for liver cancer, even though a liver biopsy is an absolutely safe procedure when conducted by a seasoned doctor, still, there are risks some of which include the following.

1. Pain
o Once the liver biopsy is performed, pain at the site of the wound is the most commonly encountered complication.
o Usually, you’d experience a mild uneasiness as pain.
o On the off chance, pain causes you discomfort, your doctor from a cancer hospital in India will prescribe narcotic pain-relieving medication, for example, acetaminophen with codeine.

2. Bleeding
o You may experience blood loss after a liver biopsy is carried out.
o Superfluous bleeding may entail hospitalization for surgery or a blood transfusion to put a stop to bleeding.

3. Infection
o Seldom, you’ll find bacteria entering the main bloodstream or abdominal cavity.

4. Accidental injury to an adjoining organ
o In a very rare occurrence, the needle used for liver biopsy may inadvertently prick another internal organ, for example, the gallbladder or the lungs.

• An oncologist in Gurgaon says that if you undergo a transjugular liver biopsy then several other rarely occurring risks include the following.

o Hematoma, a condition characterized by the accumulation of blood in the neck at the site where the insertion of the catheter was done leading to swelling and pain.

o Injury to nerves on the face and eyes giving rise to temporary problems like a drooping eyelid

o Pneumothorax, or the condition of a collapsed lung, given that the needle accidentally gets it punctured.

• Results of a liver test that indicate unexplained abnormalities

• Developed a tumor or other anomalies inside your liver as observed from the imaging tests
• Fever that is ongoing and whose reason remains unknown

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Your doctor at Paras, a top hospital in Gurgaon, may put forward a recommendation for a liver biopsy on the off chance you’ve got: