Android app development covers the major portion of the app development era, which justifies the stats of Android’s market coverage. Talking about the market coverage of Android is covering 71.93% and still holding the top position in the OS leading era. In the tech era, where two OS, i.e. iOS & Android, iOS is known for its accuracy, security, popularity and class. On the other hand, Android is known for its market coverage, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Developing apps for iOS and Android is a productive way to make your business digital and high revenue-generating.

Suppose you are considering android for your next app development project. In that case, you should consider reading Google Play Store Statistics of 2021/2022 to gain insight and also reading the major android app development trends for 2022 is a must.

So, if you are ready to walk on the path of developing the android app for your business, here we are mentioning some android app development trends to watch out for in 2022:

Developing trends of Android app development:

The trends that we are mentioning further are followed by a few top Android app developers & companies. Let’s dive into details without further ado!

Android is giving a huge segment for Blockchain

When we talk about security and secured networks, then Blockchain is a major consideration. Blockchain is one of the most secured networks for storing and transferring data. Many android apps serve a wide variety of industries that require secure and safe networks to transmit their data. Such industries like banking & finance, social networking, and other communication sectors adopt this new technology, i.e. blockchain. Due to the secured networks, blockchain technology is capable of providing end-to-end encryption and swift speed. It also provides the add-ons like it enables the heavy task and decentralizes the data through crypto mining.

Internet of Things is on fire nowadays

One of the most interesting and fiery technologies blowing millions of minds is IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is the smartest technology where the concept of wireless communication possible provides the smart object as the Internet of things. Introducing this technology, IoT is the internet of things where networks work like a bridge between two devices with the help of sensors to transfer the data and make the devices smart. The modern & smart world is powered by technology such as remote-controlled AC, TV and other smart home & workspace appliances.

Now, things are expanding at their best, and the world is relying on mobiles; there have been applications for performing various tasks. Developers are focusing on building devices that can be controlled via mobile apps. And android is powering this industry, too, as developers should start building apps focusing on IoT at the top.

Augmented Reality (AR) is in the limelight

Augmented Reality is the latest technology that is carrying the limelight these days. This latest technology in android development is expanding rapidly in multiple sections. AR is touching the heights as it touches the major sectors such as gaming, entertainment, animations and home décor etc. Some of the games have already adopted AR technology to give the games an extra pinch of thrills. Such games are Pokemon Go, Zombies Run etc.

The gaming sector has started powering their concept with the potential of AR to give their games a thrilling user experience. A survey stated that most top countries such as the US, Austria, and the UK are boosting AR technology quality.

Voice Recognition provides comfort to the world

Voice recognition is on the trend as it is providing comfort to the world. Speaking about comfort, people are inclining towards the adopting thing that makes them the most comfortable. To make mobile apps more comprehensive, android app development trends involve voice recognition as the practice in mobile apps. If you would like to see the example, Google Assistant is a real-life example.

The major purpose is to fulfil the need as mobile apps can use the Voice command. However, this best tool for Android app development is evolving to recognize more accents and languages with time.


Other android app development trends that need to be checked are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, AMP, Instant apps, etc. These trends help android app development develop the best apps for android and get the best apps developed. Contact the best android app development company to know more about android app development and its future trends.

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