After ensuing two decades of development and growth, the mobile devices are now bringing the highest percentage of traffic into the online business market. The influence of the SEO company India is increasing daily with time and expanding steadily. This is the only reason for the Google's converting to the mobile sites at first. This is now opening a lot of possibilities in the world of the search engine optimization.
The method of improving the ranking of the mobile SEO
There are a several factors that make the mobile website the highest or lowest rank holder. This is divided into three main groups such as the user experience, content and the technical. There is also an extra group for some other factors that cannot be added into the former three although deserve a mention. You can get help from the editorial teams of the Web CEO and it had been composing the list which describes the main and important factors of the ranking factors.
The technical factors and the site speed
This is another major factor that will help you make benefit for your site. Everyone likes to have a website that is fast-loading. These are also very helpful to help you to surf the net. However, some of the users have seen having les patience than that of the usual ones with basic platforms. According to a research on the Mobile Ranking Factors, the general loading period of the mobiles reached the place of top ten in 1.10 seconds. It is a tad slower that can send you down in the top thirty. The line that separates the good sites from the less optimized sites is surprisingly thin. If the site does not reaches the load in minimum three seconds, the users closes the browser page immediately.
The benefit of accelerated mobile pages
The secret of AMP is the main light on the CSS and HTML code. It turns the pages automatically cacheable and pre-renderable for the browsers. This is the main reason why they gets loaded thirty time faster in compare with the regular browsers. It takes place as soon as the customer clicks on the link portal. Because of the clear ability of the accelerated mobile pages, there is a positive effect not on the click rates but as well as on the rankings. It is no big surprise that they appear in almost each search results. This is because they offer the best user experience.
The diastases of a flash
A flash has the ability to drag down the position of your websites. Probably this is the issue that will be addressed shortly, but in the present, almost all of the mobile browsers do not access the flash contents. This remains unseen. This is the main reason why it is better not to have any flash contents on your browser. This not only drags down the position of your site but there are chances that Google can restrict you to operate because of such hidden contents.
Do not keep any sign of technical errors
This is needless to mention that you must never have any technical errors while making a website. A web creator who leaves bugs and errors on their site gains no respect from the customers. This is also the primary matter of achieving the highest ranking on the search engine. A technical error will have the adverse effect on your market position. If your site possesses any issues regarding fixing, then do it immediately. Small errors can lead to significant losses. This is the main reasons why you should be overly cautious while building your website.

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This not only drags down the position of your site but there are chances that Google can restrict you to operate because of such hidden contents.