White Castle is an Indica-dominant strain of cannabis that is slowly growing in popularity. It has potent properties, good aroma, excellent terpene profile, and ease of growth makes it a top favorite among both marijuana cultivators and cannabis enthusiasts. But what exactly is this strain and what are its major significance? Read on and find out.
This cannabis strain can be grown by both experts and beginners. It just needs a stable indoor environment, although it can be vulnerable to changes in temperature. Growers just have to ensure that their setup do not fluctuate any more than 8 degrees. Although some have had some success with the plants growing in in as little as eight weeks, it generally requires 10 to 11 to get the highest quality yields.
With excellent breeding, the White Castle offers the best characteristics of its parent strains Ice and White Widow. It has the pungent aromas and excellent flavors of diesel-fuel hashish and citrus peel. It also has pepper-like notes and an overwhelming herbal quality. Its aroma alone is enough to make anyone near the vicinity experience a meditative state.
A Background on White Castle
The White Castle is the resulting cannabis strain when the legendary White Widow and a make Ice plant. These two strains are regarded for their high trichome coverage, potency, and excellent aromas. This union has led to the birth of the Indica-dominant White Castle. It has about 40 percent Sativa and 60 percent Indica.
Despite it the Indica being more dominant, it still shows notable Sativa-like attributes, enhancing creativity and productivity. Also, the White Castle cannabis strain was bred by the notable breeders at Nirvana, which is responsible for many more strain classics like Critical, Amnesia and Wonder Woman.
The Effects of White Castle
Those who are looking for an Indica-dominant hybrid that will give them a relaxing effect will find it in the White Castle strain. It is packed with at least 19 percent THC and a high percentage of myrcene, a significant terpene. This powerful combination gives you a potent cannabis strain that will get rid of depression, insomnia and pain.
Aside from being an effective herb for medical issues, the White Castle is also a great strain to use for those who want to completely unwind. The stresses of daily living will be lifted after indulging with a good dose of White Castle. It will also likely sedate both your mind and body, putting you in a deep state of tranquility.
This strain is sought after because of its powerful effect on chronic aches and pains, which can make the manageable the most severe pains. The upbeat mind effects of the White Castle is helpful to patients who have stress and anxiety disorders as well. It has shown to be very effective in helping patients with difficulties in eating and sleeping, so this strain is best used as a daytime medication.
Buying the White Castle Strain
It is not surprising that the White Castle is a trending strain in many parts of world where it is legal. This is a great cannabis strain for both daytime and nighttime use, and can be used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Because of this, many dispensaries are carrying this strain in their stores. The White Castle cannabis strain can directly be bought from reputable online dispensaries easily and quickly.
Just like any other kind of medication, if you do intend to use the White Castle to ease your pains, depression and insomnia issues, it is best that you first consult your health care provider. Remember that it can interact with any medications you are currently taking so it is better to be sure first.

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