We, at answersduniya, have put our best efforts to give you the most practical and logical meditation techniques to find your way for meditation.

But before that, now it is the time for you to ask yourself few questions-

Are You?
• One of those who tried to include meditation in your life?
• Struggling to stick to your meditation routine till now?
• Desirous to experience the magic of meditation in your life?
• Among those who don’t know how to start?
Well, I know the most probable answers are-
• Yes, I tried.
• Yes, I often struggle.
• Of course, I am willing to experience the magic.
• Yes, I don’t know but I really want to know what works for real.

Unsurprisingly, we all have read or heard about meditation somewhere or the other. It’s something we all are familiar with. For everyone, the definition of meditation or the way to express what meditation is different. It is a very SUBJECTIVE concept

As per Wikipedia, ‘Meditation refers to an act of giving your attention to only one thing; either as a religious activity or a way of becoming calm and relaxed.’

Meditation has been playing a tremendous role in the lives of people since traditional times.

In this competitive era, in order to have your productivity at peak, it is highly essential to boost your brainpower to the maximum level.

This article does not revolve around the science behind meditation. In case, if you want to have a glimpse over the scientific aspect of mediation; I highly recommend checking this out.

For a brief idea, if you don’t know how meditation works- go through the points below.

• People who meditate regularly have a higher level of GYRIFICATION (folds in the cortex of the brain which in turn, links with the faster processing power) in their brains.
• Changes the certain parts of your brain which enhance happiness, focus, memory formation, learning ability, and ability to empathize.
• Decrease those areas which are linked with stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and substance dependence.
• It gives you the internal power of tackling things and develops a calming attitude.
Page Contents-

1.Types of Meditation for Beginners
2.Meditation vs Mindfulness
3.How do I meditate?
5.Steps to follow for beginners
6.Which is the best time to meditate?

Types of Meditation for Beginners

Ask anyone around you who is an experienced meditator and they would definitely agree on the significant effects of doing meditation consistently on mind and body. But if you ask for the most effective type of meditation, then there is no fixed answer to this question. It is simply because of the vast varieties of doing meditation due to different religious backgrounds and spiritual experiences.

For a beginner, it is essential to understand about two types of meditation above all. First is Guided Meditation and second is Unguided Meditation. Guided Meditation refers to the type of meditation in which you need a guide to tell you the techniques, either face to face or through these apps anywhere according to your comfort and time.

Unguided Meditation is when you start yourself sitting alone and concentrate only on your breathing. It also requires a step by step process which this article is all about. There are hundreds of more meditation types you will get to know by reading this article.

Benefits of meditation are amazing, however, it is entirely acceptable that doing meditation is no less than a struggle especially if you are someone who never tried or engaged in the practice before. https://www.answersduniya.in/what/what-are-the-meditation-techniques-for...

Meditation vs Mindfulness

I was also confused between mindfulness and meditation. We use or often read these terms hand in hand. Although, many of you don’t know the difference between these two. Lets clear what actually mindfulness defines.

Mindfulness is the innate ability of the human to feel our complete presence wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We already possess it but to cultivate it, we need to follow some practices consistently like meditation etc.

As described earlier, meditation is a practice to become mindful and to develop other positive habits in life.

How do I meditate?

Now that you are familiar with the types of meditation, its scientific logic and benefits; you are ready to learn the meditation techniques for beginners.

Doing meditation, in simpler terms; is as simple as to sit in a corner alone, disconnect with the outer world and just keep on exhaling and inhaling for minutes. But the real question is, Is it that much simple as it sounds to be?

The answer lies here- For a normal average human being, it is not as easy, as it sounds to be. Disconnection from the outer world implies the complete adoption of silence and the elimination of every thought from the mind.

This reminds me of popular prophetic lines,
“You Are The Master Of Your Fate,
And The Captain Of Your Soul.”
because we have the power to control our thoughts. Start with the thought that I will definitely include it in my lifestyle.

I have encountered these words from a novel called “THINK AND GROW RICH” by NAPOLEON HILL, a bestseller for a reason
Knowing that meditation has enduring benefits for mind and body, don’t think anymore to start.

Don’t worry, just keep reading! The next part is for you.
Meditation Techniques for beginners-

I understand how it feels when you see someone meditating and posting pictures on social media to share with the world.
I know the thought which attacks your mind at that time.
But one thing you need to fix in your mind is- CONSISTENCY IS KEY. If you meditate for two days or one week and leave it out thinking that I am not getting results, then like it or not, it is true that you never let that magic happen.

If your will is more powerful than your wish to become big guns in your life, you need to be persistent and control your thoughts. You have to make sure that you are the owner of your mind, your mind doesn’t own you.

Now consider the following tips:-

• If you are a beginner and going to start meditation for the first time, you just have to start with five mins or even less.
• If you meditate for two days or one week and leave it out thinking that I am not getting results, then like it or not, it is true that you never let that magic happen.
• Distractions are common. Your job is to try your best and eventually you will find yourself more focussed than before.

I completely understand that it is a little difficult to cut off distractions especially when you are living with your room partner or your family. As a result, you may feel bad for not giving a proper start to make this is a habit because every time someone just disturb you by making noise or by calling you by your name. Wishlist this DO NOT DISTURB SIGN and thank me later. https://www.answersduniya.in/what/what-are-the-meditation-techniques-for...

Steps to follow for beginners-

1.Here is your first step- Sit down in a quiet place ideally in complete darkness.
2.Fold your legs, sit in a cross-legged position and hold your arms comfortable in whatever way you want. (You can also sit on a chair if that is more comfortable to you).
3.Then comes Mindfulness Meditation simply means, inhale completely and exhale. Try your best to focus only on your breathing pattern. ( Know more about Mindfulness Meditation here.)
4.Cut down all the thoughts of the outside world. Have control over your mind and body.
5.Talk to your friend or any family member to be your meditation partner. It will help you to enjoy the process.
6.Practically, Mindfulness meditation is very hard to go for ideally. Many people fail to follow it in a way it needs to be followed.
7.Another alternative to it is AUM CHANTING. It has nothing to do with Hinduism, Buddhism or any other religion. The word Aum is a kind of tangible distraction for your mind.

When we chant, it is this distraction that helps to disconnect from your real life.

Bonus Tip 1– Having meditation music while meditating is always a good idea. Meditation music can do wonders for improving your sleeping patterns.

Bonus Tip 2- When you are in your beginning phase, it is normal that you get distracted or you may feel awkward about being this much silent or you might just struggle to focus. START AGAIN. That’s it. Don’t leave.

To make sure that you are comfortable while meditating from the first day, I recommend you to invest in this cushion which will help you to ease your meditation process. Go through the reviews and you will love it. I am using and loving it already.

Which is the best time to meditate?

Well, as far as the best timings for aum chanting is concerned, here is all you need to know.

Meditation can be done at any time.

But the best time to meditate is early in the morning or late at night as the world is quieter at these times.
It is advisable to meditate at the same time every day for best results.

Start your journey towards spirituality today and take yourself to the next level.

For more deeper insight, I recommend you to have a look at this video.

I am sure you will love it.

This includes every detail about meditation techniques for beginners. Now, it is the time for ACTION.

Are you going to implement these tips or are you already implementing? https://www.answersduniya.in/what/what-are-the-meditation-techniques-for...

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