Cost Effective Kitchen Remodel Trends

This area of the home is one of the most used an essential parts. Therefore many homeowners focus on remodeling their kitchens. Owing to the heavy usage of elements in this area most home remodeling service professionals recommend that customers opt for custom design which tend to create more value in the long run. Cabinetry which makes up a significant portion involved in such a remodel can be made better use of when they are designed according to the available space and to suit the home owner’s unique needs.

Appliances are another essential components of kitchens and thus are high value adding components. Stainless steel appliances have been a very highly used trend in homes. But in the instance the overall style of design chosen required the appliances to match custom cabinetry or countertops it is more suitable to opt for different finishes. In order to be most cost effective, the trend of investing in quality over quantity is quite popular. Although high quality items may sometimes seem more expensive at the outset, they often prove their worth with time due to the durability and better lasting finishes.

Noteworthy Master Bathroom Remodel Trends

According to home remodeling service professionals, bathroom remodeling is also a very high value adding remodel project for home owners to consider. But in order to make the most out of your investment, you should control the expenditures in a manner that you are only spending on essential features which will yield in positive returns with time. The most cost effective strategies range from material selection to better space utilization. It should also be noted that whatever trend you select, it blends in well with the rest of the home design and can last for a considerable period of time without being a mere passing trend.

Tiling is one of the more expensive components of a master bathroom remodel project. This labor intensive process might add on expenses which can take you over budget, therefore should be carefully planned. A highly recommended trend is to focus on tilling only high impact areas and used other types of flooring options. Similarly you could tile only wall areas which need added protection and use waterproof paints for the remainder. Other helpful money saving ideas include:

  • Saving on countertops – instead of going for expensive materials choose neutral colors which create a more expensive look.
  • Use of good quality paint offering added protections
  • Focus on small details and upgrade fixtures
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