When it comes to ascertaining the personality traits of a professional counsellor, there is a lot to discuss. It's not that they are superhumans with the ability to read people's minds, and manufacturing magic potions that will ease their patients' bottleneck. However, they have certain unique qualities that help them empathise with their clients. On this page, we discuss the few personality traits of a professional counsellor. 

Compassion & Empathy 

First and foremost, the counsellors in Sunshine Coast, like anywhere else need to put themselves in the shoes of the individual to be treated. This is important to realise the situation and mental state the person is going through. The professionals must have a caring and nurturing personality, and enough care and compassion to deal with the situation. 

Good Listening Skills

Having a caring and compassionate attitude is not enough. They need to have good listening skills as well. It is imperative that the counsellor takes the emphasis from herself or himself, and put the entire focus on the person being counseled, to understand what the individual is telling. This will help in a better understanding of the situation. There might be a situation when the patient is not able to express things properly and only provides just a few bits and pieces of information. It is the responsibility of the counsellor to pick up the cue from these hints and ascertain the entire situation. It is only possible when the counsellor has good listening skills

They should be a creative solver of problems

When it comes to solving problems, they have to be creative. Since every issue differs from one another and since the faculty and mental set up of one individual widely varies from the other in every aspect, there is no one-formula-fits-all dictum in the world of counselling. Thus, the professionals providing counselling services in Sunshine Coast like anywhere else would come up with innovative ideas that will do the trick and help the person come out of the situation he or she is going through. 

Understanding of Emotions and Reasoning 

These professionals need to have the capacity to understand the emotions of their patients and their logical reasoning in support of their emotions. They have to take into account these factors, fund out faults or fallacies in them and counter them with more rational and justified reasons in a passionate way so that they come out of the mental state of affairs they are going through. 

They need to have a sound self-knowledge 

This is one of the most important qualities that these professional counsellors need to have. They must know their own selves first. They must realise how rational they are, how mentally strong they are, and how confident they are, to take a dip into another person's psyche and free the person from the mental aberration and emotional stress they are going through. 

Thus you see, all these unique qualities would make a professional counsellor successful in what he is she is up to….guiding individuals out of the mental complexities and illness. 

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