Nowadays, law and order has become very strict. Any minor incident or event occurrence will put your liberty at stake and will you have to fight a legal battle keeping everything aside. This requires a good lawyer who can represent your case properly and settle it without many hearings.

However, if you are entangled in a major criminal case, it is compulsory that you need to look for the
criminal defense lawyer, who has expertise in these type of cases. Even if you are not a culprit and have come across the wrong association in any such situation, you need to have the basic information beforehand.

  • Time essence:

Whether the case filed against you is small or big, criminal or non-criminal, time is the essence. You need to find a good lawyer who has expertise in this field. Most of the big lawyers are busy and you might not get ready appointments, but don’t panic and wait for some time.

  • Prepare the papers:

Before meeting with the lawyer, you need to prepare a complete file having all the relevant documents pertaining to the case. The papers can be any document received from the court such as court notice, police search warrants, police report etc.

  • List of persons:

The lawyer will require details of the victims, witnesses and other defendants. This is useful to them not only to check conflict of interest but to study the case further.

  • Case assessment:

It is important that you are aware of all the legal options, potential problems you might face, different stages of the case, motion hearing, the case is in favor or not, etc.

  • Intensity of the charges:

A good and experienced lawyer can only guide you regarding the intensity of the charges you are held up for. He will be able to provide further course of action, plea bargains, available defenses, pros and cons of the result after trial or conviction.  

  • Good Support:

The mental trauma you face since the beginning of charges cannot be described in words. It is a very painful and emotional affair. A good supportive lawyer can help you in reducing the criminal charges, and eliminate jail time. He can help you in comforting you and provide personal support in case of relationships and job, once the trial is completed.

  • Legal fees:

The lawyer fees depend on the intensity of the case and the charges you are held for. It may vary depending upon the lawyer’s reputation, skill, track record, etc. The lawyer can charge on an hourly basis or flat fee. Some lawyers charge an upfront retainer fee and some may ask for the payment plan for handling ongoing charges.

From the above, it can be concluded that you should hire a good lawyer immediately if you have faced criminal charges – minor or major. If the lawyer is not appointed on time and professional legal advice is not taken, it might result in personal and professional loss, tough penalties and permanent stigma on your life. 


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