Neurotherapy is a scientific evaluation and treatment of the condition of the person. This is the totality of the mental, physical, and emotional health. To understand this science in more detail, you must understand that the body has an innate ability to heal itself of all diseases. This is one of the underlying principles.

Balance the elements

When we say complete health, we refer to the balance of the life forces present within the body. This comprises of the air – vata, water – kapha, and bile – pitta. Every person has a unique combination of these three forces. The energy one generates in the body comes from the food we eat. By keeping control of the food we eat, we can keep the vata, kapha, and pitta under control. This is one of the principles of Neurotherapy.

One can remove pain at specific points in the anatomy by applying pressure at some other points around the navel and hip region. Neurotherapy Books in Delhi will tell you how to do it. Due to this discovery, treatment now became simple and more effective. Precise formulations for helping in the recovery process became possible.

Treats number of diseases

Thus, Neurotherapy became a well-known alternate therapy treatment for a variety of illness including Attention Deficiency Disorder, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and more. The treatment involves diet and exercise. The approach consists of the direct stimulation method and the indirect stimulation method. The heart and arteries are part of the well-organised fluid pumping system. When we stop the flow of blood in one part, the flow of blood remains increased in another part of the body. Increase in the blood flow will help ease the pain and start the recovery process in that part of the body.

They have derived accurate formulae for measuring the exact place for applying the pressure. You can read the formulae in the Neurotherapy Books in Delhi that explains everything you need to know. Or, you could join the course and become a certified practitioner of Neurotherapy. The pay is good and it has a promising future. The principle of stopping the pain is like this. Apply pressure above the navel to relieve pain below and vice versa. If you need to remove the pain at some point on the left of the body, you will need to stop the blood flow at some point on the right side of the body.

Method of application

You need to apply pressure only for 6 seconds. Then, release the pressure and let the blood flow. Repeat the procedure as many times you need until you can locate the pain and remove the pain. The other technique of direct stimulation is applicable for a variety of problems including problems related to the endocrine glands.

Of the two ways to stimulate the jabbing action is useful for the adrenal medulla and the thyroid gland. For simulating the lungs, adrenal cortex, lymph nodes in the armpits, and more, one uses a gentle wiping action. You can also treat specific conditions through the use of this treatment. It remains based on haemostasis and the innate ability of the body to recover fast from trauma or disease.

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