The essential lemon oil is obtained by cold pressing the fresh lemon peel to obtain most of the properties and properties of these citrus fruits. Therefore, this essential oil has several properties that benefit the general wellbeing, improve our mental and physical health and promote emotional balance. In this article we have selected the most important properties of lemon essential oil so that you can take it into account and take full advantage of it.
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1. The essential ingredient of essential lemon oil is to increase the production of white blood cells. The white blood cells are responsible for protecting and protecting the body from harmful foreign substances or infections, which is why lemon oil is so beneficial to our body.

2. The firming properties of the lemon essential oil circulatory system make it the ideal essential oil for aromatherapy treatments and promote blood circulation. Therefore, it is ideal for people with thrombosis or varicose problems.
3. Other of the most popular properties of lemon essential oil are antiseptics and diuretics . These properties help counteract stomach acidity, prevent bleeding, relieve gastric ulcers, etc. Its digestive effects favor the regulation of the digestive process and the elimination of waste materials.

4. On the other hand, lemon essential oil is carminative , so it is very useful for anyone with gas problems .

5. The astringent properties of the essential oil of lemon allow the regeneration of the skin tissue and promote rapid healing. These properties also have a positive effect on the functional regulation of the pores and allow the discarding of all external substances causing pimples, pimples, etc. Therefore, lemon essential oil also has dermal properties that help to solve skin problems such as acne or blemishes.
6. Thanks to its antirheumatic and calming properties, the essential lemon oil is very good for rheumatism, arthritis and gout.

7. The antidepressant properties of lemon essential oil make it an ideal essential oil to improve mood and promote emotional balance. It also helps to improve concentration and mental relaxation.

8. As you can see, Lemon essential oil has several qualities that can benefit you both physically and mentally. You can combine it with other essential oils such as lavender oil or geranium oil to take full advantage of it.

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