Surviving the HOSTELS- Ahhh !!!! Not a cup of tea for all and if you are homesick, it is definitely not going to work. Hostel life, the more attractive and free it seems, the more trouble it creates in a student's life. However, if we keep apart the problems and look from a good perspective, hostel life in Patna comes with various benefits too. Discussing some of the pros as well as cons of being in a hostel.

Pros of Hostels:

Hostels come with the benefit of living with the same mindset. Hostels in Patna are full of either students or working professionals which means living with the people of the same mindset and goals which ultimately benefits students.
Students can get help from their batchmates and seniors not only in their courses but also in their day to day problems.
We all are not alien to the fact that staying at home or a relative's house can make students lazy and that's the beauty of living in a hostel. Set timetables for everything makes a student disciplined and increases their sincerity in life.
Living in a hostel in Patna makes a student independent. Students do not depend on others for their day-to-day chores. From cleaning to shopping, students living in a hostel in Patna can take care of themselves.
A student can learn money management by living in a hostel. Efficiently managing the pocket money is what hostelers can learn as a true talent and art which surely benefit them for their entire life.
When they live in a hostel in Patna, students learn to make cordial relationships with the people around them. Later, it benefits them to make some genuine friends in life and also teaches them to maintain healthy relationships in society and the workplace.
Hostel life develops an environment of healthy competition and cooperation among students.

Cons of Hostel:

Although some of the hostels in Patna claim to give a homely environment, it is not a home away from home. No hostels can give the homely comfort and feel of your own home.
A routine menu for months can make students get bored with hostel food often. Also, food is not that balanced and nutritious.
Bad company and bad habits can acquire a student's mind easily in hostels.
Insomnia and sleep disorder is the major drawback for students living in a hostel. They get habituated with the unhealthy sleep cycle of sleeping late which causes trouble and health issues in students.
Talking about the cons, we can't ignore the hygiene issue. Hostels are not that hygienic to live in which causes a lot of skin and infection-related issues to students.
Lack of privacy if a student shares a room can cause great trouble.
Hostel's life does not suit many students in terms of health. A lot of students suffer from various health issues after shifting to hostels. The reasons being unhealthy eating habits and others.
Overall, being in a hostel comes with both advantages as well as disadvantages, and more importantly, it depends upon a hosteler's ability to adjust and cope up in the environment. If you know the proper management, surviving the hostel life is not that big a deal and if you can't manage it, you simply can't survive it without getting affected negatively.

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