The uterus is important for a woman. It plays a key role in the body. If you remove your uterus, it's not just about missing an organ, but also about the influence on the functioning of your body's systems, like the endocrine system.

When the uterus fails, the body sends signals, telling a woman to protect it. So what are the signs of a poor uterus?

1. Feel the cold hands and feet

Many women have the phenomenon of cold hands and feet, and there are many reasons for this situation, in which that the uterus was invaded by the cold is more common. In this case, women are more afraid of cold than ordinary people, and their tongue is usually pale white. At ordinary times, they like to eat spicy and stimulating food in order to warm the body and drive away the cold. In addition, they may have a languid look every with a sickly feeling everyday.

2. Get fat

If the uterus doesn't get enough heat, it will store up fat to help the body keep warm, ensuring that the body is able to function normally. Therefore, getting fat is one of the signals that uterus becomes poor, among them the woman with uterus coldness has more obvious abdominal fat. If women have a short period of increased appetite, resulting in weight gain, they need to pay special attention to their uterus health.

3. Irregular menstruation

Menstruation is one of the many functions of the uterus, because menstrual blood is made up of deciduous endometrium, blood in the uterus, and so on. If the health of the uterus is affected, it will easily lead to menstrual problems. For example, the amount of menstrual blood becomes less or more, which may be caused by inflammations like pelvic inflammatory disease.In severe, it will cause some falloian tube problems, like blockage and hydrosalpinx.

Once the woman suffers from these diseases, it is easy to result in prolonged menstrual period and increased blood volume. When these thing happen, women need to be on the alert and get treated in time. By the way, the recommended option is the Fuyan Pill with no side effects.

4. Exuberant hair

When there is a problem with the uterus health, it can lead to endocrine abnormalities, leading to polycystic ovary syndrome. Once the ovary gets sick, the hormone secretion inside the body will become out of order, causing the male hormone inside the body to increase, thus leading to the phenomenon of exuberant hair.

So to speak, when the body hair becomes thicker, such as beard, pubic hair, and so on, it may have a great relationship with the unhealthy uterus and ovaries, and women need to be checked in time and treated symptomatically as soon as possible.

Further, what behaviors in life can damage the uterus?

Doctors point out that unclean sex can bring great harm to the uterus, because the dirt and adverse substance can easily pass through the male genitals into the vagina, leading to bacteria breeding, which can cause vaginitis. When vaginitis is not treated in time, and it spreads further, it will be easy to cause inflammation in other parts, thus inducing cervicitis, cervical erosion and other diseases.

Therefore, in order to protect the uterus from damage, women who have active sexual life should wash genitals before having sex. Both sides should be cleaned. Keeping healthy personal hygiene and moderate sexual life can effective protect the uterus health.

In addition, there are some women who like to smoke. As you know, there are many toxic substances in cigarettes, such as tar, nicotine and so on. Frequent smoking, causing the accumulation of toxic substances in the body, will continue to invade and damage the body organs.

For example, a woman who is a heavy smoker has several times higher risk of cervical cancer than a woman who has never smoked. Therefore, in order to protect the uterus, you should quit smoking as soon as possible.

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