Maximum individuals have some thought process like infertility is a woman’s problem. But it is not like that. Men also can’t get it off this problem of infertility. From research, it is found that about one out of three cases of infertility are because of man alone. That’s why Motherhood fertility centre, a renowned male infertility treatment centre in Hyderabad, find out the symptoms, cause and its treatment of male factor infertility. Motherhood fertility centre is also considered as the leading test tube baby centre and IUI fertility clinic in Hyderabad.

The male factor infertility diagnosis is one of the hardest challenges a man can face. For some individuals, it is devastating. Having thought of not being able to be a father can make a guy feel like he is failing at one of the primary responsibilities of him.
Many males come to our centre for the treatment of male factor infertility. The most renowned infertility specialists in Hyderabad take care of these cases personally and find out the symptoms and causes of male infertility.
Here are 5 common signs of male infertility, found in the male factor infertility diagnosis.

1. Swelling or pain in the testicles
There are many reasons of swelling or pain in the testicular region. And it is very much important to consult with an infertility specialist if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Some of the following are considered as a medical emergency.
The common causes of testicular swelling are:
Testicular torsion.
Epididymitis (testicle infection).
2. Changes in sexual desire

When a man experiences extreme changes in the sexual desire, this could signify some issues in this hormonal health, that is linked to some causes of infertility in men.
The Common causes of hormonal problems include:
Pituitary tumors.
Congenital lack of LH/FSH.
Anabolic steroid abuse.
3. Erectile dysfunction
Various studies show that about 20-25% of couples are struggling with infertility have the problem of sexual dysfunction. This erectile dysfunction issue is linked to hormonal imbalance also.
The common causes of erectile dysfunction are:
Venous leak.
Neurovascular function.
Psychological factors.
4. Problems in ejaculation and sperm health
If a man is experiencing problem in ejaculation, then it may indicate the issue of involving in sperm production or others physical dysfunction. Having incapable to produce healthy sperm:
The sperm can’t be carried into the semen and continue to be ejaculated from the penis
There may not be sufficient sperm within the semen.
The sperm may not be functional well to travel and penetrate into the egg of the woman.
5. Small as well as firm testicles
The quality and quantity of males sperm depends more on the condition of the testicles. The size of the sperm is not the particular reason, but what is occurring within the testicles that may be causing them to become constricted and firm. For the treatment of male factor infertility, the infertility specialist now able to assess the health of the testicles properly in our male infertility treatment centre, Motherhood fertility centre.

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