Celibacy is the purest and the richest form of lifestyle one can ever opt for, if one wants to spiritually rise higher and experience the Soul in its absolute form.
To many of us, ‘celibacy’ may appear to be an alien term. Celibacy means freedom from the bondage of all sexual impulses through thoughts, speech and action. This is the simplest definition of celibacy.

There are two ways, celibacy can be practiced:
1.one that is practiced before marriage, and
2.the other which is practiced after marriage.
Here, we shall discuss about the overall spiritual benefits of celibacy.

The most common question that pops up in anybody’s mind is: Why practice celibacy? How will I benefit from it?
Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan throws good light on this subject.

He explains: “All that you eat and drink and the air you breathe results in a final product which forms the essence of the body. The ultimate extract of our nourishment is semen, which is dissipated and lost in sex. Therefore, celibacy should be preserved as much as possible.”

He further emphasizes: “It is a different matter if you cannot practice celibacy, but you should never oppose celibacy. Celibacy is the best tool for one’s good health and spiritual progress.”

There are numerous spiritual benefits of practicing celibacy:
Peace of mind- A person practicing celibacy has a wonderful mind as the extract of the entire living body is preserved through celibacy. One who experiences good peace of mind has far better clarity in his thoughts. And since the mind, speech and body are generally in a normalized state for a celibate, one is able to concentrate, grasp and absorb things very well and can take nice decisions as well. Such healthy and peaceful mind is naturally attracted towards understanding the true purpose of anything that it comes across, and hence it is very easily drawn onto the spiritual path in search of the true purpose of one’s very existence. Thereafter, even if numerous struggles come his way, one who is practicing celibacy has the power to combat them and come out a winner one day.

No clashes- The foundation of all clashes between a couple is: the want for sex. On practicing celibacy, these clashes cease to occur. If both, husband and wife take the vow of celibacy, their relationship flowers and life becomes more peaceful with each other! When peace reigns at home, the couple gets greater leeway to perceive the reasons why human life is said to be so precious, and it also gives them a better scope to together progress on the spiritual path.

Increased awareness- When you practice celibacy, there is an increased sense of conscious awareness and energy that follows, making you more spiritually elated. The awareness of the pure Soul can be recognized in a better way after becoming a celibate.

When you practice celibacy under the guidance of a worthy Guru or Gnani, correctly and proactively, the anger-pride-deceit-greed that were all along free residents within you, begin to part ways now, for your inner desires are inclined towards spirituality now. Anger-pride-deceit-greed survive on account of our materialistic desires, which cease to exist as one takes onto practicing celibacy.

Pujya Deepakbhai Desai says:
When a person, having attained Self-Realization, opts for celibacy, he experiences a major upliftment in spirituality. The path to ultimate liberation becomes much easier for such a person, for he is able to give a better fight against the inner enemies of the Soul, namely anger-pride-deceit-greed-lust, as compared to someone who is into sexual acts yet.

Pujya Deepakbhai further adds: If you want to get to the depth of this Akram science (it is the spiritual science most applicable in today’s age), celibacy will be very helpful to you, as your mind is sharp to understand the finer concepts, that lead to the ultimate experience of the Soul.

Celibacy, if practiced sincerely only for six months, shall yield beautiful results in the form of person’s physical, spiritual and intellectual progress, and when this progress is used to experience one’s Self, one can go about achieving it without much difficulty!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has summed up saying,
“Those who desire the pleasures of worldly life and have a desire for material things, they should get married; and those who do not like worldly pleasures and are seeking eternal happiness, should not get married.
For those who are already married, when the couple begins to practice celibacy, they understand the bliss of the Self properly. Otherwise, they are unable to figure out whether their happiness has come from sexual gratification or from the pure Soul. Those, who are under the vow of celibacy experience eternal bliss of the Self within. Their mind and body both remain healthy.”

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Author's Bio: 

Ambalal M. Patel was a civil contractor by profession. In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and the Lord that manifest within him became known as Dada Bhagwan. A Gnani Purush is One who has realized the Self and is able help others do the same. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan used to go from town to town and country-to-country to give satsang (spiritual discourse) and impart the knowledge of the Self, as well as knowledge of harmonious worldly interactions to everyone who came to meet him. This spiritual science, known as Akram Vignan, is the step-less path to Self-realization.