In any type of online business, many variables are to be focused on to get more leads to your products or services. When running multiple campaigns the company neet to ensure that they are getting positive feedback. Sales Funnel is considered to be a concept to review your customer contact with your product. This journey is done through various stages until the purchasing is done. 

Every business needs that the customer visiting their site must do a purchase in order to increase their overall sales rate, to ensure this factor Sales funnel must be on the top priorities of the business. 

In this guide, we’ll explain all the stages covering the sales funnel and see what it is all about?

What is Sales Funnel all about?

It can be considered as a digital marketing terminology that maps out the first contact of your customer doing the purchase. Different factors involved in this algorithm and go from an initial stage to a final one. 

Sales Funnel lets you design a map through which you can make qualified and interested leads to your services and encourage more potential customers. It maintains the company’s health while improving customer visits. 

There is also a variable known as a leaky funnel, it happens when the funnel is filled with too many opportunities and get uninterested, so it is the time to remove these things to maintain a smooth growing sales curve.

Most businesses use this model to improve their overall business growth whether it is business to client or business to business, following the sales funnel stages always come hand to get a higher sales rate.

Basic 4 Stages of Sales Funnel

From the first contact of the customer to your product until he finally purchases it, he goes from different Sales funnel stages, and then if the customer is potential and qualified, the purchasing is done, So, Company should focus on these levels to enhance overall customer’s experience.

As it named, the funnel has an entering point and exiting point, it remains shrinking until the end finally reaches, it is where the purchasing is done. Whether you are running an online or conventional corporation, you just need to map this out for more sales rates.

  1. Awareness

This is the entry point to the funnel, it is where your customer has his first contact. You let him learn about your main goals and solution for him. Prospect gets aware of all the problems and solutions in this stage.

Customers may be reached your site from the various source whether it is a google ad or affiliate link, but the site needs to be interactive and good to make him interested in your products.

  1. Interests

A person always attracts something interested in him. So at this stage, the Company should provide solutions for the different needs of their clients and make them feel convenient with the services given to them. 

They might have a google search for the solutions, but you need to encourage them to only choose you and thus make them subscribe to your email campaign. 

But the main thing to keep in mind is to avoid any funnel leakage, so to avoid it, you need to remove any unnecessary opportunities that are not in the interest of the customer.

  1. Decision Making

This is the main stage, where the prospect makes his decision about whether he is interested in your products/services or not. 

So, most of their attention is on your services which helps them to make a final call. 

To make your customer experience better,  you need to make interactive contact pages and webinars.

  1. Actions

After the decision making, now its the call for final action. After the deal is finalized, now its time for the payment and the customer needs to be added in the customer list for future purchases. 

The payment is done via a relevant source and thus the appropriate services are given to the customer. 

But the sales funnel don’t end here, many other stages are utilized for making a good customer relationship and reviewing your overall services and customer’s experience.

By laying out a Sales Funnel map, it overall enhances your product sales rate and encourages more and more interested leads to your business.

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