Considered as the King of Kings among hybrid strains, the Annihilator Kush has garnered significant attention and fame because of its trace-like and highly psychoactive effects. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between the legendary Afghan Kush and the notorious Bubba Kush. The Annihilator is known for its intense and fruity aroma, and will surely please the tastes and senses of cannabis connoisseurs.

Annihilator Kush Features and Aroma

The taste of the Annihilator is polite, yet deceptively strong. Its frontage notes are soft lavender tones and powder floral violets, and it drips linalool. The profile then finishes with up sweeping sweets that stem from somewhat resinous earths. Consequently, the bottom of the profile is fleeting, and the character here resides in sweet florals that seem to have the most endurance in the profile.

When it comes to structure, that of the Annihilator Kush is hybrid-like. Its buds are similar to the shape of an isosceles triangle, with its pointed tip and round bottom. The strain has a firm density and a slight pliability. Its trim is close, and is similar to its parent strains. It has an attractive appearance, with no suspicious aspects. All in all, it shows all the signs of an upscale cannabis strain.

Annihilator Kush Parent Strains

  • Afghan Kush
  • The roots of the Afghan Kush go back to the Hindi Kush Mountain Range in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Over the centuries, it was perfected until it has now become the ultimate source for has like the charas and the Afghani hash. Its buds develop into huge, blunt-topped nuggets that are teeming with resin. This Indica strain come in massive yields. The Afghan Kush cannabis strain is revered for its high resin content as well as for its powerful sedation effects, making this an excellent choice for those who want to relax after a tiring and busy day.

  • Bubba Kush
  • An Indica strain, the Bubba Kush has gained popularity because of its heavy tranquilizing effects. This strain feature sweet hashish flavors with delightful mild notes of coffee and chocolate that come through upon exhalation that will delight the palate as relaxation happens. From here, the mind and muscles are blanketed with euphoria that will ease stress and give a happier mood. The stocky Bubba Kush plant features buds with a bulky structure with green to purple hues, suggesting that it is of Afghani descent, although its genetic origins are not certain.

Annihilator Kush Effects

Being a resulting strain of two Indica cannabis plants, the Annihilator Kush shares with its parent strains the major qualities of Indica medicinal strains. These include increased mental and muscle relaxation, as well as decreased nausea and acute pain. It also increases appetite and increase dopamine levels which control the reward and pleasure centers of the brain. Because of the effects of this strain, the Annihilator Kush is best used during the nighttime.

The Annihilator Kush also have calming and anti-inflammatory effects. This is because of its high levels of THC and CBD. Because it produces more amounts of CBD compared to Sativa strains, it has less psychoactive effects. People suffering from medical conditions, and need to sleep and reduce pain can get these effects from the cannabis strain. The good thing is it does not carry unpleasant side effects usually common in conventional medications.

Purchasing the Annihilator Push

The attractive Annihilator Kush has a great quality and is much cheaper than most strains available in the market today. It has shown to surpass the quality of retail cannabis in both visually and olfactory pronunciation, not to mention is boatload of relaxation and healing benefits. If you want to experience what the Annihilator can offer, head to your nearest dispensary now and get your fix.

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