We’ve all heard what many people say about edible marijuana – how good it feels and how it can help your medical problems. But how does it actually feel to be high on weed? There are no right words to describe what it feels like to be high, but there are certain things that you can look out for. You’ll notice certain physical, emotional and mental changes after eating edibles.

If you’ve never tried cannabis-infused products before, it might help to familiarize yourself with the various changes that happen after you consume them. These changes will not be the same for everyone, but there are a general handful of experiences that are common among weed consumers. Read on to learn about what it feels like to be high.

  1. Heightened energy. When muscles are relaxed, some people feel an increased energy in their body, like they want to do stretches or go for a walk. This mental activity, when paired with physical relaxation, can make you want to do something creative, such as paint, dance, do yoga or make music.
  2. Increased sensitivity. Many marijuana users experience increased sensory perception after consuming edibles. This is why they enjoy listening to music while they’re high; there’s a heightened sensitivity to colours, sounds and physical sensations. There are also reports of an increase in libido, though this hasn’t been proved scientifically yet.
  3. Less care about anything. This effect has something to do with marijuana’s emotional consequences. Eating edibles creates a sense of euphoria that can’t be matched by any other high. At this stage, consumers lose their inhibitions, have increased self-confidence, and a sense of oneness with everything happening around.
  4. Feeling of paranoia. Sometimes, the opposite of the carefree attitude takes effect, causing paranoia, mistrust and anxiety. It’s not clear why this happens, but experts say it can be affected by the circumstances while you’re getting high: your companions, kind of strain, time of day and stomach contents.
  5. Relaxation and drowsiness. One reason why edible marijuana use is popular because it’s a muscle relaxant. Once the high hits, you’ll feel a sense of freedom in your body physically, like all its knots have fallen away. This sensation can lead to drowsiness or laziness, and can make you want to go to sleep.
  6. Short-term memory loss. This is a very common effect that’s widely reported by many cannabis users. Fortunately, this doesn’t last long. Once you sober up, your memory will go back to normal. Take note, though, that frequent weed use can lead to frequent short-term memory loss, which might be interpreted by other people as forgetfulness.
  7. Spacing in and out. Weed can make your thoughts overactive, making it easy to get you sucked into that world. This strong effect can make you forget the people around you. But don’t worry, with a trigger of music or a certain sound, your attention can quickly be brought back to the physical world.
  8. Warped time perception. Being high can make you feel like you have so much time on your hands, which can explain why stoners are almost always late. Minutes can feel like hours, which can be a relief to some people. However, if you’re starting to feel anxious and hate being late to things, this symptom can make you feel very uncomfortable.

Eating marijuana edibles creates a different experience every time you do it because various factors can affect your experience. Keep in mind that the cannabis experience is different for everyone; some feel energized, while others feel relaxed. So with an open heart and open mind, enjoy your edible marijuana – after all, it’s unlike anything else that you’ll ever feel.

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