To achieve excellence in anything, one shouldn’t only keep the dos in mind but don’ts are important as well. You know how to create a website. You even have an idea of what should be included into it but have you ever thought about things that shouldn’t be made a part of your website?

There is always a very thin line between performing a task correctly and over doing or under doing it therefore one should also be aware of the factors that can make the task ineffective. As importance of website can’t be undermined therefore it is necessary to incorporate all the desired features into it so that an organization can earn the highest benefits out of it.

One should always avoid features that can make your customers uneasy. Many of the times we add those features into our web design that are not user or customer friendly. One should keep away from such endeavours in order to help improve the efficiency of one’s website. Adding music to your web design that starts automatically, definitely gives a unique touch to your web design but if nature of your business doesn’t require it then you should avoid using it unnecessarily.

For instance your target audience is a working class and they open up your website at their office then if the music at your website will surely be annoying for them. Thus, analysing each and every feature of your web design in light of your work nature is necessary in order to calculate your benefits and risks. A single strategy can’t work for all organizations rather every organization should mould it according to its resources and customers.

The path through which your customers contact you should always be mentioned clearly on your website. Certain organizations present such a lengthy and cumbersome procedure for it that their customers get annoyed and the relationship between that organization and the customer suffers. This might make you lose your potential customers. One must remember that the point where your customers start getting annoyed is the point where you start losing them.

Some of the websites are made completely on flash while some have certain segments based on flash. Although the overall image of the web design increases but this may hampers your visitors since many of them might not have it installed while visiting your website. Once they’ll fail to study your web design then there are very rare chances that they are going to visit you again. As discussed earlier that you shouldn’t use anything that turns out to be a hurdle for your visitors.

This might also make your marketing activities ineffective. Suppose you have placed web banners at different websites in order to increase traffic and gather more clientele but what if greater percentage of those visitors don’t have flash player installed? They’ll surely not be able to get an in depth information about the advertised product or service therefore when making promotions, the information of the product or service should be made readily available for the visitors and use of flash must be avoided in such important areas.

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Claudia Winifine is a social media specialist and likes share her views on Logo Design & Website Design.