Short-term loans are the loans that are scheduled to be repaid in less than a year. People apply for this type of loan when they are in urgent need of money, to cancel out another debtor in case of emergencies. Short-term loans provide financial flexibility to people during needs like these. These loans can be divided into2 types, the ones that have to be paid in a single lump sum and the ones that have to be paid in instalments over months.


Let us look at different types of short-term loans:

Personal Loans: These are the types of short-term unsecured loans that are generally used to meet with your current financial needs. In this type of loans, collateral is not needed to be used against when borrowing funds. Find an FCA registered lender or loan broker to borrow a loan. Because they deal with a panel of registered lenders who one can trust easily.

Poor Credit Loans: Are you taking a step back from applying for a loan because of your bad credit history? RELAX! Here at Oyster Loan, we can help you by arranging funds in the form of bad credit loans. It is not difficult to find Short-term loans for bad credit in the UK. Because a few lenders may not consider a credit score as the only deciding parameter for approval of a loan.

Wedding Loans: Wedding loans are the type of unsecured personal loans that are taken out for the 'Big Day'. Do you want to have a perfect wedding just how you have always dreamt about but scared to run out of funds in the process? Well! You don't have to worry about it anymore. Oyster Loan is introducing you to Wedding Loans that will let you pick the right loan option for your wedding and let you live the dream in reality.

Holiday Loan: World tour? Favourite holiday destinations? NO DON'T STOP DREAMING!! You can still be going places without worrying about the expenses. Have a stress-free trip and enjoy to the fullest. Oyster Loan has a pool of lenders who provide the most hassle-free offers that are flexible. Why wait? Go pick the suitable option according to your requirements.

Payday Loans: Payday loan is a short-term unsecured loan where the lenders will lend money to the borrowers at a rate of interest depending on the borrower's income and credit profile. It is supposed to be repaid when the borrower gets his next wage. However, the repayment period varies from lender to lender. One may allow a month while another lender may allow a loan to be repaid in the next 6 months. Worried about your bad credit score? You do not have to be worried anymore about applying for a loan with a bad credit history. As already mentioned above, there may be a few lenders who will be willing to lend people money even with a bad credit history.

Short-term loans are easy to go with an option in times of need. One can reap the benefits of these loans if used efficiently and responsibly. Non-repayment or missed repayments of the loan may impact your credit score. Hence, avoid missing your repayments.

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Hi, my name is Jully O'Neill. I live in London and I work as a financial writer at Oyster Loan. My job is to enlighten the citizens of Britain about the benefits of unsecured loans with an FCA regulated broker like us. I fill the gap of information about these services and the lenders available to you.