Water tanks are one of the mandatory elements of your place for water storage and supply purposes. Water tanks are the one of common way to store water in almost all public, business, and resident areas. Storing water is not such a simple task as you think. For every purpose and location, you need to prefer particular types of the tank for wise usage. There are specific types of tanks for certain kinds of water. Water tanks are not only for storing and it is also for maintaining the purity of water. Storing water in containers may contaminate the water. So it is important to know the types of water and use them wisely. Here are the types and features of the most frequently used water tanks worldwide.

Slimline tanks

These types of water tanks are specially made for urban areas with limited space. You can place this against the wall, under the window, or even in a narrow space. Usually, you can store up to 1000 litres to 5000 litres. Slimline water tanks are available in varieties of low, standard, super slim and tall dimensions that you can customize as per your available space. There are lots of options with colours and sizes. Depending on the size, the inlets are located on either side of the tank or middle of the tank. You can easily join two or more slimline tanks with the help of a hole-saw. The production time of this tank is approximately three to four weeks. This customized form of tanks has brought a new revolution among water tanks. It can highly control the climate conditions and maintain the goodness of water. It can be a convenient place indoors; it never disturbs the good look of the home. Due to the polish layer and attractive finishing, it is considered the beauty element in your place.

Round water tanks

Round water tanks can store 1000 litres to 10,000 litres in them. And as like slimline water tank you can have various colour options. These tanks have dome tops, which results in extra durability. You can fit the inlet and mozzie stoppa according to your requirement. With the use of pumps, you can set the outlet and also manage the overflow. Generally, it is recommended to place pumps in straight angles for good flow. Due to its durability, this is most adaptable at rooftops with all weather conditions. This is the most affordable tank for all-purpose at all places. It can give a good flow of water all over the building.

Polywater tanks

These are the most popularly used water tanks. Compared to other tanks, it is weighed less and stored up to 10,000 litres. It can be easily installed and has various colour options. This is highly recommended for the purity of water. The inlet and outlet can be fixed easily with a help hole-saw. It can bear rough climate conditions across the world. And so you can suggest placing this at the rooftops of residents and business buildings. Compared to other tanks, due to poly material, the maintenance of the tank is not a big deal.

Stainless steel water tank

These types of tanks have various purposes. You can use this tank to store wine, dairy, chocolate, syrup, etc. it maintains its freshness for a certain time. Stainless steel tanks are a little expensive and take a considerable time to install. It is highly popular for its durability. These types of tanks are mostly preferred in industrial areas, and you need to pay little attention to the maintenance.

Bottom line:

Every water tank needs a certain type of pump and fittings. You can select a particular type of water tank that can fit with the place and use.

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